Explore Alcudia’s Glorious Coastline by Boat

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Boat trips when at Club MAC

Based just off the coast of mainland Spain, Majorca boasts some of the most breath-taking maritime landscapes the Mediterranean Sea has to offer. If you’re planning on staying at Club MAC Alcudia this year, you might want to use your time with us to explore Alcudia’s glorious coastline by boat!

Majestic coastline

You’re destined to enjoy the holiday of your dreams when you fly out to Majorca. This popular Balearic Island, where the sun always shines, has a range of stunning natural attractions for you to discover. In our humble opinion, Majorca’s North-Eastern edge serves as the Island’s crowning jewel.

This region features the world renowned Alcudia coastline, which just happens to be just a stone’s throw away from the Club MAC Alcudia resort. Famous for its golden sandy beaches, blissful azure waters, fascinating flora and fauna and enchanting caves, the Alcudia coastline is the perfect place to spend a family day out while holidaying in Majorca.

Tour by boat

If you want to see the Alcudia coastline in all its glory, there’s only one way to go about achieving your mission. Tour the region by boat! By heading out on the open seas of the serene Mediterranean, you can visit a range of unbelievable attractions. We suggest that you utilise the services of Transportes Marítimos Brisa if you’re looking to tour this exciting coastline by boat.

Transportes Marítimos Brisa offers a selection of fun Alcudia boat trips. They have a fleet of boats which sit anywhere from 12 to 250 people, depending on the size of the vessel. Some of these boats, such as the 250-seat Cala Figuera 1, feature glass bottoms – allowing you to gaze down into the seabed while you zoom across the waters of the Mediterranean!

Selection of boat trips

No matter what kind boat ride you’re looking for, Transportes Marítimos Brisa will have something for you. The company provides journeys to some of Majorca’s most awe-inspiring landscapes such as the idyllic Formentor Beach (pictured above) and Cap de Formentor, where you can gaze upon the majestic cliffs which shape this stretch of the Island’s coast.

Boating with Transportes Marítimos Brisa could also allow you to encounter unique views. They put on a trip along Alcudia Bay, where you can glimpse this region’s beautiful marine flora and fauna. You’re in for an unforgettable experience if you go on their La Ruta de Los Delfines journey. Here you can watch the breath-taking Majorcan sunrise while getting the chance to spot a dolphin or two, as the friendly marine mammals live near this area of coast!

Discover a unique coastline

The Alcudia coastline is just so beautiful. Its soft sands, mind-blowing views and unique attractions have made it a big hit with visitors to Majorca. When you stay at Club MAC Alcudia, you can sign up to a Transportes Marítimos Brisa boat ride and take to the open sea, so you can explore everything this unique coastline has to offer!

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