Celebrate the Festival of Colours With Club MAC Alcudia

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Club MAC will celebrate the Holi Festival

You’ll never be bored when you stay at Club MAC Alcudia. If you visit in 2016, you’ll get the chance to take part in a Holi festival, an event which is sure to leave you feeling euphoric!

Events in Majorca

As a traditional Majorcan town, which is known for its vibrant culture, Alcudia hosts a variety of events every year. This charming Spanish port puts on everything from traditional festivals to fun-filled family events like Ironman Majorca, often described as the “world’s toughest race.”

If you want to experience something a little different when you fly out to the Balearics, think about spending your time at Club MAC Alcudia. As a first-rate family holiday resort, we strive to give our customers the best getaways of their lives. We host a variety of events throughout the season and in 2016, we’ve decided to put on a range of Holi festivals for you to enjoy!

Holi festivals

Often referred to as the “festival of colours,” Holi is traditional Indian festival. It is held in Spring (usually in March) to herald the end of the cold winter months.  In Indian cultures, Holi festivals are designed to serve as a beautiful celebration of love and freedom through colour.

Typical Holi festivals involve singing, dancing, partying and eating a range of mouth-watering special dishes. The event is known as the festival of colours because a Holi celebration can only be described as a colour-tastic carnival! It is traditional for people to play and chase each other with dry powder and coloured water, as well as engage in colour-infused water fights during the holiday!

Celebrate at Club MAC

Holi festivals are community activities. Nobody is immune to being sprayed with a little colour during the celebration. Man or woman, adult or child, rich or poor; everyone is fair game on the festival of colours! The sheer fun of Holi has seen it become increasingly popular in modern times and it is now celebrated across the world, including at Club MAC Alcudia.

We recommend that guests taking part in the celebrations where white clothing as the colours look far more vibrant and they are generally easier to wash out!

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