Ten Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Packing for Your Next Club MAC Holiday

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Are you planning to fly out to Majorca for a stay at Club MAC Alcudia in 2016? If so, make sure you bring everything you’ll need during your time at our resort. Here are ten things you shouldn’t forget when packing for your next stay with us.

However, just a quick note before we start our list that holidaymakers visiting Club MAC should fly into Palma de Mallorca airport – you can’t imagine how many times people make the wrong mistake! The best way to remember is by airport code – and ours is PMI.

Fill in the name tags

Most suitcases come with name tags attached. Make sure you fill them out with your name, address and contact details. Despite your best efforts you may lose your suitcase when you’re travelling, so whoever finds it needs to know who to give it back to.

Limit your liquids

Pan-European baggage restrictions state that all liquids carried in hand luggage must be no more than 100 millimetres per item. Make sure you stick to this – you don’t want to be held up at airport security because you packed a really big bottle of pop, and you can always buy another bottle in duty free!

Look up baggage restrictions

You’re only allowed to take a certain amount of luggage, weight-wise, onto a plane. This is different for each airline, so research your chosen airline’s luggage weight restriction before you head off to the airport. If they say you can only 23kg of luggage, stick to it!

Restrict cosmetics

Following on from the baggage weight restriction theme, you should only pack a minimum amount of cosmetics. They’ll only make your suitcase heavier and you can buy items such as soap, shampoo and at the shop on the Club MAC Alcudia site if you really need to.

Leave extra space

As we wrote above, there are a range of amazing shops in Alcudia. At some point in your holiday you may want to buy a few traditional Majorcan items to take home as souvenirs. You should ensure you leave some space in your suitcase when you pack so you can bring these souvenirs back with you!

Bring bubble wrap

Following on from the previous point, it might be a good idea to pack a few rolls of bubble wrap. If you buy a bottle of wine or china – anything that breaks easily basically – you’re going to need the bubble wrap, so you can pack these items safely when you travel back to the UK.

Save valuables for hand luggage

Airlines don’t lose suitcases very often these days, but why take the risk? We’d advise you to pack any valuables such as jewellery and laptops in your hand luggage. That way you can keep an eye on them at all times while you’re flying out to sun—drenched Majorca!

Pack adapters

If you want to take electrical devices such as mobile phones, lap tops and tablets with you to Club MAC, you’re going to need to charge them at some point in your holiday. That’s why you need to bring power adapters – so you can plug your devices into Spanish sockets.

Research your destination

You might want to research your destination before you fly, so you know what kind of clothes to pack. For example if you’re coming to Club MAC Alcudia in the summer months, you’ll find it gets pretty hot, so you’ll need to pack clothes that are suited to warmer weather.

Make a list

It pays to be organised when you pack a suitcase. You don’t want to forget something you might need when you’re in Alcudia, so make a list. That way you can check whether you have absolutely everything you want to take with you, before you head off to the airport.

Fabulous holiday

Club MAC Alcudia is a first-rate family resort which boasts a range of outstanding facilities. This includes regular entertainment activities, several restaurants and bars, and eight swimming pools. Use these tips and you’ll give yourself the peace of mind you need to make the most of everything we have to offer you when you come to stay at our resort.

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