How to Prepare for Driving Abroad

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Club MAC advice for Driving Abroad

If you’re planning to come stay at Club MAC Alcudia in 2016 and you want to rent a car, you need to prepare for driving abroad before you fly out. Keep reading to find out how!

Breath-taking Island

Club MAC is based in the port town of Alcudia, which is nestled along the north-eastern edge of sun-drizzled Majorca. It’s such a beautiful island; Majorca is known for its gorgeous sandy beaches, quaint little towns and majestic landscapes. If you want to see the island in all its glory, you might want to think about renting a car so you can zoom off explore everything Majorca has to offer! Here are a few tips you can use to get ready to hit the road with your rental car when you touch down in the Balearics!

Learn the rules

If you do nothing else, familiarise yourself with Spanish driving laws before you arrive. Don’t just check which side of the road you’re supposed to drive on (the right), look at speeds limits, alcohol restrictions, and any other rules and regulations you’ll need to know to drive legally in Majorca.

Create a travel pack

After you’ve looked at Spanish driving laws, create a travel pack with all the necessary documentation you’ll need when driving in Majorca. Make sure it includes your passport, driver’s license, contact numbers and any necessary documents for your rental car. That way you’ll have any documents you may need whilst driving in Majorca at the ready, should you need to present them.

Research the roads

There’s nothing worse than driving on a road you don’t know. We’d suggest you take a few hours to research the roads you think you might need to drive down when you’re in Majorca, especially those near Club MAC Alcudia, before you set off. Don’t worry you won’t need to buy a map – these days you can just use Google Maps and check out the roads online instead.

Apply for your DVLA code

Earlier this year we wrote that if you plan to come to Club MAC Alcudia after 8th June 2015, you might need to apply for a DVLA code before you can rent a car. You can do this by ringing 0300 790 6801 or applying online and you’ll be asked for three things; your national insurance number, driving license number and the postcode of your driving license. You’ll be issued with a code that’s valid for 72, so you can rent a car before you jet out to Majorca.

See Majorca

If you rent a car, you can drive out from Club MAC Alcudia and explore Majorca at your leisure when you stay at our resort. Make sure you use these tips so you’ll have a smooth driving experience when you take your rented vehicles for a spin on the roads and streets of this stunning Balearic Island!

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