Celebration Packs at Club MAC Alcudia

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Club MAC Celebration Packs

Are you planning to mark a special occasion during your time at Club MAC Alcudia? If so you can buy a celebration pack that you can use to ring the event in with style!

Ready to party

Do you know why you’re set to have a fabulous time when you stay a Club MAC Alcudia; the outstanding family resort in Alcudia, Majorca? We have everything you need to give your family the sun-drenched, fun-filled getaway of your lives.

We know how to have a good time. The Club MAC Entertainment team never miss a chance to celebrate a special occasion. Take Halloween for example. This year Club MAC Alcudia’s Halloween celebrations are set to be epic, and we’re putting on a number of events and activities, such as our famous ‘Passage of Terror,’ to celebrate All Hallows Eve.

Celebration packs

At Club MAC Alcudia we want to make it as easy as possible for you to mark the special moments in your life. As well as staging events to ring in birthdays and public holidays, we also provide a wide selection of celebration packs, to give you with everything you need to have a fabulous time.

Just take our honeymoon pack. If you buy our Honeymoon Pack, which you can secure for only 29.95€, you’ll get a mouth-watering cake, a sumptuous bottle of cava and even a circus t-shirt you can use to set your first marital holiday off right. You can check out how much each pack costs here, and if you want to order one, you must do so at reception before 8pm, one day in advance.

Birthday packs

We want to take this opportunity to reveal that we supply birthday cakes, which you can use to mark you’re the day your child’s came into the world. You can order a birthday cake that’ll serve six people for 20.50€, eight people for 25.50€ or ten people for 30.60€.

Club MAC Alcudia also supplies two specialist birthday packs. You can get our standard birthday pack, which includes a CD, a cake and colouring pencils for only 29.95€. If you feel like pushing the boat out you can buy an advanced birthday pack, which includes everything in the standard pack plus a visit from Macky and Misha, for just 34.95€.

Celebrate in style

You don’t get the chance to mark a special occasion very often. If the chance comes around and you happen to be staying at Club MAC Alcudia, order one of our celebration packs, so you can secure everything you need to enjoy your special day.

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