How Does Club MAC Alcudia Contribute to the Local Community?

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Olive Tree

At Club MAC Alcudia we feel a strong sense of social corporate responsibility towards the local communities that have been so good to us, so we give something back whenever we can.

Helping local businesses

We’re blessed with an amazing location; Alcudia provides our guests with access to fabulous boutiques, impressive monuments and beautiful beaches. We’ve implemented several measures to benefit local companies across Alcudia. We provide a free bus to transport guests into Alcudia beach every day from 10am until 5.30pm and into the port 7.30pm until 10.30pm, supplying businesses in the area with a steady stream of custom.

We also send some custom of our own their way, as we buy supplies from locals every year. Two of our most important suppliers are based just four miles away from Club MAC in Pollensa, and we also advertise some of the area’s most fabulous Majorcan/Spanish restaurants in our newsletter. We always prefer to use the services of local suppliers; last year we contracted 79 suppliers and only 12.6% were based in mainland Spain.

Getting involved

The Club MAC team also gets involved with a number of events to support communities across Alcudia. We collaborate with the local Deixalles Foundation to give vulnerable people the opportunity to learn a trade and improve their chances finding employment. We turn lilos left behind into beautiful bags, which we sell to support the Foundation’s great work.

Club MAC Alcudia get involved in a range of other donations drives. We give away items like furniture or linens to local organisations such as the Red Cross and Residencia “Santo Domingo.” Furthermore Club MAC donates foods products to both local Alcudia soup kitchens, and in collaboration with Palma town council as part of “Operation Kilo,” to supply soup kitchens across the Island.

Driving local tourism

The resort does its part to drive local tourism. We tell guests about weekly markets held across Majorca, including the bi-weekly Alcudia markets. We also take part in Alcudia’s Local Tourist Day every August, donating cakes, fruit and disposable items, along with the time of our mascots, six entertainers, and two kitchen staff. No one does their part more than our General Manager, Vicente Gimenez, who participates “Agrupacion Hotelera” meetings throughout the year.

This is a group of local Alcudia hoteliers who work with the Town Hall on the issues facing Northern Majorca’s tourism industry. We collaborated with the group last year on expansion plans for the sewage plant behind Club MAC, which are now scheduled to start at the end of 2015. Our commitment to the area’s environment has seen Alcudia Town Hall award Club MAC Alcudia with the ‘Eco-tourism” insignia for the past three years.

Commitment to community

Club MAC Alcudia and MAC Hotel’s commitment to the community doesn’t stop there. We strive to hire local people as employees, and regularly collaborate with a number of organisations including UNICEF, Olive trees plantation, and the SEUR Foundation. This allows us to ensure that Club Mac Alcudia supports local businesses and initiatives, protects Northern Majorca’s epic landscape, and help people across the region.

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