Soon You’ll Need a DVLA Driving Code to Rent a Car Abroad

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Club MAC Alcudia

If you’re planning to visit Club MAC Alcudia after 8th June, you’ll need a DVLA driving code if you want to rent a car and drive around Majorca.

Explore Majorca

Club MAC Alcudia is based in the historic port town of Alcudia in Majorca. The Balearic Island is one of the most beautiful spots in Spain. You should take some time to explore Majorca’s golden sands, rolling hills and charming towns when you arrive. You might want to think about hiring a car so you can set your own schedule and view the unique landscapes of Majorca whenever and however you want.

Driving license changes

You need to present your driving license when you rent a car. Under current UK rules, anyone who’s passed their test after 1998 has both a photo card driving license and a paper counterpart. If you passed your test before 1998, you’ll only have a paper driving license.

The paper license lists any points you may have been given for breaking driving rules e.g. driving over the speed limit. The government has decided to scrap the paper counterpart; from the 8th June 2015, points will be stored online. Car rental companies may ask you to provide a code to access this database, so they can check your driving history before you rent a vehicle when you travel abroad.

Apply for your DVLA code

This is why we would advise you to apply for your DVLA code before you fly out to Majorca. You can do this either by ringing the DVLA on 0300 790 6801 or applying online at the new Share Driving License Service the government is planning to launch at

You’ll be asked for three things; your national insurance number, the driving license number on your photo card (which will be on your paper driving licence if you’re a paper-only motorist) and the postcode of your driving license. The DVLA will issue you with a code that’s valid for 72 hours. This means that you’ll need to consider time differences and journey times when you book a rental car.

Get a code if you want to explore Majorca

Hiring a car gives you the freedom to explore Majorca at your own convenience. If this sounds appealing and you plan to stay at Club MAC Alcudia after 8th June 2015, make sure you apply for a DVLA code 72 hours before you hire a car.

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