The Best Walking Routes in Alcudia

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Club MAC Walkers

If you’re looking for something to do when you visit Club MAC Alcudia, why don’t you enjoy one of the many fantastic walking routes? The historic port town has a number of amazing walking routes that are sure to provide you with a fabulous day out!

One of the best spots on Majorca

A day never goes by here at Club MAC Alcudia where we don’t thank our lucky stars. We’re based in one of the most beautiful, historic places on Majorca; the ancient port town of Alcudia.

The delightful beachside settlement is a tourist’s paradise. It has a number of walking routes that give you a chance to explore the majesty of Majorca for yourself. If you’re interested in taking a nice long stroll while you stay a Club MAC, we suggest you start with the following four walking routes.

S’Albufera Nature Park

If you want to get away from ancient walls and thronging crowds, why don’t you head to the S’Albufera Nature Park? Only a few miles from the resort, the Park is often regarded as the most important area of wetlands in the Balearics. It’s one of the most famous bird watching spots on the island; 200 species are known to frequent the area and you can take some time to see if you can spot some from one of the Park’s four bird watching areas.

Bay of Alcudia

Some of the Majorca’s most stunning beach landscapes lie in the Bay of Alcudia, which just so happens to be near our resort. If you’re a beach lover you have to take some time out of your jam-packed getaway schedule to walk from Alcudia to Can Picofort 10 kilometres away and back again. This gives you a unique opportunity to stroll past the golden sands, charming harbours and bustling resorts of the Bay of Alcudia.

Old Town

Alcudia is one of the oldest settlements on the island. It has a charming old town that you have to check out when you come to stay with us. Enter by the Porta Del Moll, one of the three ancient entrances to the port and make sure to stop by classic attractions such as the Town Hall, Church of Sant Jaume and C’an Torro Library if you want to see old Alcudia in all its splendour.

The Roman City of Pollentia

If you’re looking for a different type of excursion, why not take some time to travel out to the ruins of the Roman City of Pollentia? A stone’s throw away from Club MAC, this crumbling settlement will provide you with a window into the everyday lives of the citizens of the greatest empire the world has ever seen.

Puig de Sant Marti

Are you the type of person who likes to sweat when they walk? If so, you have to devote a little part of your holiday to taking a walk up the Puig de Sant Marti. This is a mountain located just outside of the town that offers breath-taking panoramas of the island below. The area is also the home of the esoteric Sant Marti Cave – a natural rock formation that’s rumoured to be the location of the first Christian worship on Majorca!

Explore Alcudia by foot

These are just a few of the walking routes that are open to you when you visit Club MAC Alcudia. The town and the surrounding island are treasure troves of natural and cultural beauty, so make sure you take some time to explore the region by foot during your time on Majorca.

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