Explore the Churches of Alcudia

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Chapel of La Victoria

Alcudia has a rich historical and cultural tradition. Find out more about this ancient port town when you visit Club MAC by taking some time to explore the churches of Alcudia.

Alcudia is treasure trove of historical monuments

Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family resort. With eight different pools, three family hotels, sports facilities and more, at Club MAC we’re dedicated to providing our guests with the holiday of a lifetime.

We’re lucky enough to be based in the sun-drenched port town of Alcudia in Majorca. This ancient settlement is a treasure trove of historical and cultural monuments that you can take the time to explore when you stay at Club MAC.

The churches of Alcudia

Spain is a Roman Catholic land and has been for hundreds of years. This means that Alcudia is home to a number of stunning churches that can provide you with a window into the rich religious traditions that have governed the town for centuries. When you stay at Club MAC, you need to carve some time out of your hectic schedule to visit:

  • Chapel of La Victoria:  Built in 1679, the Chapel of La Victoria is a charming little building which was once used to defend the town. Modest on the outside, when you step inside you’ll soon see that the Chapel is the perfect example of Baroque architecture. When you visit make sure you check the Chapel’s impressive Baroque nave and its Baroque altarpiece room, which has a carving of la Mare de Dèu de la Victòria, dating back to the 15th Century.
  • Church of Sant Jaume: Records show that the Church of Sant Jaume dates back to at least 1248, when it was mentioned in a list of Majorcan churches by Pope Innocent IV. Over the years this house of worship has become a monument to the many styles of architecture that have ruled the island over the last thousand years; most notably neo-gothic. Today, it’s an impressive edifice that you have to include on your itinerary when you stay at Club MAC, especially if you’re a fan of architecture.
  • Church of Santa Anna: On your way to the beach, you might want to take some time to stop off at the Church of Santa Anna halfway between the town and the port. It’s rumoured that the building dates back to the 13th Century and has withstood the test of time to become one of the best preserved resettlement churches in Majorca. If you visit make sure you check out the Church’s beautiful image of the Verge de la Bona Nova, which stands guard above the round-arched portal of Santa Anna’s double-slope nave.

Discover the history of Alcudia

This is only the beginning. The town itself dates back to Roman times, which is why if you’re a history buff you’ll never be short of impressive monuments to discover when you stay at Club MAC Alcudia.

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