Walk Around Alcudia’s Historic Old Town

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Club MAC Porta Del Moll

If you’re looking for something to do when you arrive at Club MAC Alcudia, we suggest you take a walk around Alcudia’s historic old town.

Alcudia is steeped in history

Club MAC Alcudia is based in one of Majorca’s oldest settlements; the North Eastern port town of Alcudia.  Every pore of Alcudia is steeped in the history that has shaped life on the island for thousands of years.

Nowhere is this more evident than Alcudia’s old town. If you’re history buff you should take the time to walk around the ancient settlement whilst you’re staying at Club MAC. This will allow you to explore a range of buildings which depict the story of this fascinating place. But with so much to explore, where should you start?

Porta del Moll

Where better to start than Porta del Moll; one of the three entrances to Alcudia’s old town? This impressive medieval gate was built as a part of the city’s defence system by King Jaume II. When you get there you can climb up some stairs and walk around on top of Alcudia’s old walls, which will provide you with stunning views of the town below.

The Town Hall

Once you’ve climbed down off the walls, we’d suggest that you head on over to the town hall. Located in Constitution Square the town hall, also known as La Sala, was built by architect Charles Garau in 1929. This stunning tribute to early 20th Century Spanish architecture has to be seen to be believed.

Church of Sant Jaume

If you’ve read about the churches of Alcudia, you’ll know why you have to make time for this beautiful house of worship whilst you’re touring the old town. The Church of Sant Jaume is a triumph of classic 19th Century Baroque architecture. Step inside and you’ll find yourself confronted with a number of artfully crafted traditional Roman Catholic monuments including a gothic statue of Sant Crist, which legend suggests shed blood in 1507. You can also check out the church’s parish museum if you want to find out more about the religious history of the island.

C’an Torro Library

After you’ve left the church we suggest you amble along the old town to the C’an Torro library. This aristocratic building has been hailed as one of the most modern libraries in the Balearic Islands. Here you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the old town and sink into a world of your own making with range of classic and modern literature. The building also houses a number of recreational spaces and a wide courtyard where you can sit back, relax and bask in the warmth of the blazing Majorcan sun.

Check out the old town

History, culture, beautiful weather, impressive architecture and a healthy dose of exercise. What more could you want from an excursion when you visit Majorca? Take some time to walk around Alcudia’s old town whilst you’re staying at Club MAC Alcudia if you want to make memories you’ll treasure forever!

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