Nine Authentic Food Theme Nights for 2015

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Club MAC restaurant

Guests are set to encounter a range of culinary delights here at Club MAC Alcudia in the coming season, as we’ve decided to host nine authentic food theme nights every fortnight during 2015.

Get the all-inclusive experience at Club MAC Alcudia

Club MAC Alcudia is a family-friendly holiday resort in the historic port town of Alcudia. We’re proud to offer our guests a raft of amenities to ensure they have the holiday of a lifetime when they stay with us.

A stay at Club MAC is an all-inclusive experience from start to finish. We have a fabulous range of restaurants, such as the Marte and Jupiter restaurants, as well as the Lake Burger Bar for our guests to choose from. Each cuisine house is destined to offer you a unique taste of different foods from around the globe during your stay.

Club MAC moves to 14 night rotation menu

We’re always looking for ways to enhance the dining experience for our guests. That’s why for 2015 we’ve decided to move our food theme nights to a 14 night menu.

Previously our food theme nights, which present mouth-watering dishes from around the globe, operated on a seven night schedule. One each night. However, in order to diversify the event and offer a wider range of themes, we’ve decided to offer nine food theme nights every 14 days instead this coming season. This works out at two fabulous theme food nights in a row, followed by a nights rest and so on.

What dishes will you be able to sample on theme food nights?

On theme food nights Club MAC will present guests with a range of exotic dishes as the fortnight goes on. Fabulous themes set to make the menu in 2015 include Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian, Gala, French or Gala dinner, Hindu, Tex-Mex and Arab.

Therefore, on Spanish night for example, you might want to tuck into a refreshing paella, juicy suckling pig or Spanish omelette, whilst on Italian night you may want to fill yourself with a classic lasagne, mouth-watering chicken cacciatora or a first-rate risotto. Alternatively you can indulge in classic delights such as beef bourguignon or ratatouille on French night or open your mind to new experiences with cuisine like couscous and falafel on Arab night.

Check out Club MAC Alcudia’s food theme nights!

There really is a dish for everyone. Make sure you stop by one of our food theme nights so you can sample a range of seductive dishes from around the world when you stay at Club MAC in 2015. Your taste buds will thank you!

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