Four Hidden Charges You Need to Watch Out for When Booking a Flight

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Club MAC flight

Save every penny you can when you book the perfect family holiday at Club MAC Alcudia in sizzling Majorca. There are four hidden charges you need to watch out for when you book a flight to the Balearic paradise, so you have enough cash to make the most of your week of fun in the sun.

Fly out to Majorca

With eight swimming pools, sports facilities, day and night time activities and even a kid’s club, Club MAC Alcudia is the superb family resort destined to provide you with the getaway of your dreams.

We’re in the historic port town of Alcudia, located in the north of one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean; Majorca. You’ll need to fly out to Majorca if you want to experience a unique holiday at Club MAC. With low cost airlines on your side, you can jet off to the Balearic heaven for next to nothing.

Yet you need to watch out for hidden costs. Flights sometimes come complete with extra costs and these additions can bump up the price of your trip. If you want to have enough cash left to fund an amazing getaway, make sure you look out for the following four hidden charges when you book your flight:

Baggage fees:

This is the cost you’re most likely to know about. Everyone has heard stories of airlines penalising passengers for bringing bags with them that are over the company’s weight allowance. Research your chosen airline’s baggage policy to ensure you don’t rack up extra charges once you reach the airport.

Check-in fees

Most airlines don’t have a check-in fee. Yet Ryanair, Jet.2 and bmibaby have online check-in fees that are compulsory. If you’re flying with these airlines take these charges into account before you book and if it’s Ryanair make sure you print and bring your boarding pass with you. It costs £40 to replace it at the airport! Meanwhile if you’ve gone with bmibaby, remember that not only will you have to pay an online check-in fee, you’ll have to shell out £8 each way per bag.

Early boarding/seat selection

Some airlines allow you to select your seat, but they make you pay extra for the privilege! Only select your seat beforehand if you’re willing to shell out more money. Meanwhile Easyjet and Ryanair don’t allocate seats, however they do allow you to board the plane early for around £11.

Yet the cost is only worth it when you approach the plane directly from the terminal. If you’re bussed, you could end up boarding the plane and picking a seat after those who haven’t paid for the service, making it pointless.

Furthermore Easyjet allows those with walking difficulties, as well as families with children to board first, so you need to get to your gate early and queue to take advantage of early boarding. Or you can check in several weeks early online with Easyjet. This will give you a priority card. Priority card holders become third in-line to get on the plane. Otherwise investing in early boarding with the airline is a waste of money.

Booking fees

The final cost you need to watch out for is booking fees. Essentially a majority of air carriers now charge a transaction fee if you purchase you flight with your credit or debit card. These charges can build up quickly e.g. with Ryanair its £6 a person, meaning a family of four would be charged £48.

Yet there are ways to lessen the impact of booking fees. Firstly airlines usually charge less for debit card than credit card. Secondly there’s usually no charge for using a Visa Electron. Choosing an Electron Card to give yourself the best chance of avoiding the booking fee when paying for your flight.

Do your research

There’re a number of hidden costs you need to consider when booking the flight that will take you to Majorca for the holiday of a lifetime. Some are avoidable, some aren’t, yet you need to do your research before you book to ensure you take them into account. That way you will have enough cash left to make the most of your stay in glorious Majorca!

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