Beaches You Need to Visit When You Come to Majorca

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Club MAC Alcudia Beach

Majorca is a paradise with glorious beaches waiting for you to explore. Therefore this week Club MAC Alcudia reveals several beaches you need to visit when you come to Majorca.


One of the most beautiful islands in the world

A superb family resort, Club MAC Alcudia is located in the historic port town of Alcudia. Alcudia can be found in Majorca; one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Nothing typifies the beauty that characterises this Baeleric paradise better than the beaches that dot its coastline. Stretches of hypnotically white sand, azure waves that wash over picturesque shores, elegant palm trees that sprout up from the ground; the beaches of this Spanish heaven have it all. Yet Majorca has more than 120 beaches and coves strewn along its parameter, each a unique tourist destination destined to provide you with memories you’ll treasure forever. Where do you start?


Playa de Muro – Alcudia

Considering the fact that you’re staying at Club MAC Alcudia, your first stop needs to be the beach we’re lucky enough to call our local stretch of sand, Playa de Muro.

Located a stone’s throw away from the complex, Playa de Muro is the perfect family beach. Epic white sands, warm azure waves, sumptuous restaurants, frenetic bars, exciting water sports; Play de Muro has everything you need for the perfect family day out.


Cala Millor – Manacor

If you’ve decided to explore the east of the island, there’s one beach you need to carve out time in your schedule to visit. Cala Millor in Manacor.

Often described as the best beach in Majorca, the beach is characterised by refreshingly shallow waters, 1.5 km of pure white sand and first-rate family facilities. Throw in top notch restaurants and lively bars and you soon see why Cala Millor is a beach your family needs to experience at some point during their stay on the island.


Cala Mondrago – Santanyi

Meanwhile, if you’re a beach lover you need to check out the south of the island at some point during your week of fun in the sun. This portion of Majorca boasts so many stretches of sand you’re spoilt for choice.

Yet if you’re looking for something a little different we’d suggest you take the time to spend a day at Cala Mondrago beach in Santanyi. Far from your typical family beach, it’s a natural paradise known for playing host to a variety of stunning bird species such as the elusive White Crane. Furthermore its complex rock formations are certain to provide your children with hours of fun!


Sa Calobra – Escorca

Finally, if you find yourself with a little time to journey through the west of Majorca put aside a day to travel to Sa Calobra beach in Escorca.

Jutting out between two gigantic cliffs, this beach comes with a breath taking panorama sure to hold you spellbound the minute you clap eyes on it. It’s kind of hard to get to – you need to walk through a tunnel between the two cliffs – but the beach that greets you on the other side is more than worth it. This pebble beach needs to be experienced to be believed.


Explore the beaches of Majorca

Yet you shouldn’t stop there. Majorca has so many unique beaches ready and waiting for you to explore. Take this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity and check out as many as possible if you want to walk away from your holiday with memories you’ll hold close to your heart forever.

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