What Food Souvenirs Should You Bring Back from Majorca?

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Club MAC Gato Cake

If you’re wondering what to bring home to Blighty after the trip of a lifetime at Club MAC Alcudia read on, as this week we ask; what food souvenirs should you bring back from Majorca?

Food and drink matter in Majorca

We count ourselves lucky here at Club MAC Alcudia. We’re an outstanding family resort located in the historic port town of Alcudia on the heavenly Balearic Island of Majorca.

Majorcan culture is rich, vibrant and diverse. Nothing capture’s the unique nature of this island’s seductive cultural character better than the traditional dishes that have been culinary staples on the island for centuries. Food and wine seriously matter in Majorca, so if you want to bring a slice of this Balearic paradise home when you leave, invest in one of Majorca’s many delicious food souvenirs.

Five Majorcan foods you need to bring back to the UK

Yet with so many classic Majorcan foods you’re spoiled for choice and you only have limited space in your suitcase. What should you bring? Here’s five traditional Majorcan foods you need to bring back to the UK at the end of your holiday.

1)      Majorcan almonds: Majorcans were forced to replace vineyards with almond crops in the 19th Century and they never looked back. Today, the high-protein Majorcan almond is regarded as one of the best in the world. Make sure you pick up the almonds themselves or our traditional cake, Gato, which is made from delicious almond, before you fly away from the island.

2)      Sobrasada: If you’re a meat lover there’s one traditional food you need to pack in your suitcase when you leave Majorca’s glorious shores, Sobrasada. A raw, cured sausage laced with paprika, Sobrasada has proved a staple of the Balearic diet since the end of Muslim rule over 500 years ago.

3)      Ensaimadas: A sumptuous spiral yeast bun with icing sugar sprinkled on top, you have to bring this delicious treat home with you at the end of your stay. You could try making it at home but you’d probably fail – attempts to make it outside Majorca often prove unsuccessful; locals believe this is due to the benefits the rising dough reaps from Majorca’s level of humidity.

4)      Grimalt cheese: Most regions have a local cheese that you need to try and Majorca’s is to die for. Grimalt cheese boasts an unmistakeable taste you’re destined to fall in love with. Ensure you pick up a block (or five, you’ll adore it that much) on your way out of the airport!

5)      Ramallet tomatoes: You can’t leave this Balearic dreamland without taking the time to secure a couple of Ramallet tomatoes for your journey home. Juicy, plump and delectable you can’t afford not to bring some Ramallet tomatoes home for your loved ones to sample. They are ideal when make pa amb oli, delicious Mallorcan bread. Simply use rubbed garlic for flavour, grated ramallat tomatoes, olive oil and salt.

Capture the spirit of Majorca

As such, you soon see that there’s one way you can capture the unique spirit of Majorca. Invest in a food souvenir so you can have a piece of it that you can treasure once you leave its stunning shores.

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