Five Ways to Diffuse a Family Argument on Holiday

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Don’t let a petty disagreement ruin your once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Mediterranean paradise of Majorca. Read on, as this week Club MAC Alcudia reveals five ways to diffuse a family argument on holiday.

The Dreaded Family Holiday Argument  

With three outstanding hotels, lush swimming pools and even a kid’s club, Club MAC Alcudia is the amazing family resort where you and your little ‘uns are destined to have the time of your lives.

Yet even with a range of fantastic amenities, there’s one thing that could drag your once-in-a-million getaway down. The dreaded family holiday argument. Being in close proximity for an extended period of time gets to even the closest of families. Yet you don’t have to let a blow up erupt that could ruin your week of fun in the sun.

Use These Five Tips to Diffuse the Tension

There’s always a way to diffuse the tension. Use the following five tips to play peacemaker when things get a little too much and make sure one petty little argument doesn’t ruin the holiday of your dreams…

1)      Find a Distraction: Are you minutes away from checking out an amazing feat of historical engineering for yourself or indulging in a day of fun-filled excitement at a nearby waterpark? Remind your family of just what they’re in for and suddenly they’ll be more focused on what’s to come than who said what to who.

2)      Break Your Family Up: You don’t have to spend 24 hours a day seven days a week together. Does one child want to go swimming while the other says they ‘need’ to go shopping? Divide and conquer so everyone gets to do what they want and those who were squabbling about what to do for the day, get some much needed space away from each other!

3)      Fetch them a Treat: Anyone can be bribed! Are your children about to get in a screaming match because one pulled the other’s hair? Get them an ice cream from Club MAC as part of your all inclusive package! That should keep them quiet.

4)      Turn to a Neutral Topic of Conversation: Are your family arguing about something personal? If so force them to stop raking over the past by turning to a neutral topic of conversation anyone can get involved in.

5)      Get Tough: There really isn’t a substitute for tough love is there? Sometimes the only way you can diffuse an argument is to ramp up the tension. Get authoritative and remind your family that they’re lucky to even have the opportunity to take in the amazing beauty of Alcudia’s epic coastline. You just watch, they’ll fall silent before you’ve even finished speaking!

Don’t Let Your Family Burst Into a Slanging Match!

What do you have to lose? If your family look like they’re about to burst into a slanging match in the middle of the street, try these tips and see if you can stop the argument before it happens. You might just save the family holiday!

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