Shop till you Drop When You Come to Majorca!

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Club MAC Alcudia Shopping

Are you a shopaholic who loves to splash the cash when you jet off from British shores for pastures new? If so, stay right here, as this week Club MAC Alcudia explores the shopping of Majorca!

A Stone’s Throw Away from Some of the Best Shops in the World

We count ourselves blessed here at Club MAC Alcudia. As an outstanding family resort based in the Majorcan port town of Alcudia, we’re only a stone’s throw away from some of the best shops in the world.

You’re never more than a short trip away from a fabulous shopping experience when you visit Majorca. The island’s towns, inland villages and tourist areas boast plenty of stores with everything you could want from authentic Majorcan produce to international wares at low low prices.

A Heaven for Leather Lovers

Are you a fan of leather? If so, Majorca is your heaven. The island is world-famous for its leather trade, which dates back as far as the 13th Century.

If you’re looking for quality leather you’ll find yourself with a plethora of high-end local leather brands to choose from when you stay in Majorca. Local companies such as Camper, Farrutx and Lotusse have built a reputation for producing some of the most luxurious yet affordable leather products on the planet. You’ll find quality leather outlets wherever you go in Majorca but if you’re looking for something special, we’d suggest you try Inca; the islands renowned ‘leather town.’

Discover Everything Majorca has to Offer at the Alcudia Markets

Yet leather isn’t the only quality product you’re set to find on a trip to Majorca. The island produces a range of original items for you to buy including elaborate pottery and traditional Majorcan coloured glass as well as its world famous Manacor pearls.

You can find these authentic Majorcan pieces throughout the island, yet if you want the shopping experience of a lifetime without straying too far from Club MAC, we’d suggest you explore the Alcudia Markets. Put on twice a week in Alcudia’s picturesque old town, the markets feature a plethora of various traders from all over Majorca selling everything from fruit to pottery to glass to leather.

Shop til You Drop

Our advice to you. Save up before you fly out to Majorca. The island boasts so many shops carrying fabulously authentic products, you’ll want to shop til you drop the minute your plane touches down on Majorcan soil!

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