Five Ways to Find a Cheaper Flight

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If you want to have as much spending money in your wallet as possible when you reach Majorca read on, as this week Club MAC Alcudia reveals five ways to find a cheaper flight.

Money, Money, Money

Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family resort in the port town of Alcudia in Majorca. Alcudia is a tourist’s dream, with a treasure trove of authentic Majorcan shops and activities just waiting for you to explore.

Yet you won’t get the full Alcudia experience if you arrive in the port town with limited funds. One way to shore up your getaway budget is to look at how much you’re spending on flights. With the modern low-cost airline world we live in, you don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to fly to Majorca.

Start With These Five Ways to Find a Cheaper Flight

Do you know where to begin when it comes to finding cheaper flights? If you don’t, start by trying out the following five ways to find a deal…

1)      Search Price Comparison Sights: The clue’s in the title. You can use a price comparison sight to look at all available flights to your destination. Then it’s just a simple matter of picking the cheapest one.

2)      Search at the Right Time: Any skilled traveller knows that if you book a train ticket at least a month in advance you pay less for your journey. Flight tickets work the same way. Airlines bump up the price of their flights as they inch closer to departure. Book your flight as early as possible.

3)      Be Flexible: If you search for a flight that sets off on Monday at 5pm you can only choose form flights that set off on Monday at 5pm. Yet if you widen your search parameters, you might find a cheaper flight on Monday at 7pm. A flexible holidaymaker is one who pays less for their flights.

4)      Follow Airlines on Facebook: Airlines like to promote themselves. They like to have followers on sites like Facebook. As such they often choose to release flight deals exclusively on their social media accounts. Follow airlines on sites like Facebook if you want to find the best flight deals to your destination.

5)      Search Multiple Airlines: Sometimes getting a return flight from one provider isn’t the best way to reap value for money. Try looking for separate single flights from multiple providers instead. You may find that EasyJet provide a cheaper flight to Majorca, but Jet2 have a cheaper flight back!

Take Advantage of Everything Majorca Has to Offer

Don’t let the cost of a flight drain your holiday pot. Use these tips and find the cheapest flight possible. That way you’ll have all the money you need to take advantage of everything Majorca has to offer when you come to stay at Club MAC Alcudia!

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