Five Essentials for the Beach

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To make sure you’re ready for the time of your life when you visit Club MAC Alcudia, this week we reveal five beach essentials.

Alcudia’s Spectacular Shores

An outstanding family resort, Club MAC Alcudia is located in the town of Port d’Alcudia, which sits in the northern reaches of ever-sunny Balearic island Majorca.

Majorca is famed for its beaches; all glossy turquoise waves, luscious golden sands and breath-taking panoramic views. Alcudia is no exception, and you absolutely have to take the time to visit the town’s spectacular shores when you come to Club MAC Alcudia.

Bring These Five Essentials for the Perfect Family Beach Outing

However in order to make sure your time at the beaches inspires memories worthy of the scrap-book, you need to bring a few essentials with you to ensure it goes off without a hitch. We suggest you start with the following five…

  • Suncream: Because it’s so hot, you’ll all be itching to enjoy the feeling of those glorious rays on your back, but expose yourself without protection and you’re bound to get sunburn. Solve the problem with a generous helping of suncream. Similarly, it’s a good idea to bring some shades to protect your eyes.
  • Flip Flops: Sand has a habit of getting under your toes, which means you need loose, breezy footwear to navigate it effectively. We’d suggest a good ‘ole pair of flip flops!
  • Ice Cold Drinks: All that running down the shoreline and building sandcastles will leave your kids tuckered out, and in need of some sustenance. Solve the problem by purchasing some ice cold drinks to help cool down, and get your family’s energy levels back up.
  • Plenty of Towels: Whether it’s something to rest on, or something to dry off with after a nice dip in the Mediterranean, make sure you bring a supply of towels from home to truly get the most out of your day at the beach.
  • Camera: You can’t possibly make some scrap-book worthy memories, without capturing the moment, so you can actually put them in the scrap-book. A camera or a smartphone will deal with this issue pretty effectively!

You’ll Never Want to Leave

Once you’ve gathered together your essentials, you’ll be ready to forget your troubles, stroll on down to a fabulous Alcudia beach, and have so much fun swimming in the surf and strolling down the sands, you’ll never want to leave!

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