Spooktacular Halloween at Club MAC Alcudia

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Get ready to celebrate the scariest of holidays in style this year when you come to Alcudia for your family half-term getaway, with a Spooktacular Halloween at Club Mac Alcudia.

A Spectacular Family Resort

Club MAC Alcudia is a spectacular family resort, located in the port town of Port d’Alcudia, in the northern region of perennially sunny Spanish Balearic Island Majorca. With three all-inclusive family hotels, two natural lakes and an array of swimming pools, you’re always in for an outstanding trip when you visit Club MAC Alcudia for your holiday.

This is especially true if you’ve decided to come to Club MAC Alcudia to treat the kids for their half-term holidays. We wanted to make your autumn-sun-getaway trip extra special, which is why we’ve made Club MAC Alcudia spooktacular for Halloween!

Ring in the Holiday of Ghosts and Goblins with Club MAC

To get a chance to fully experience our spooktacular Halloween, make sure you’re around on either the 24th or 27th October, as that’s when we’ll be celebrating the world’s scariest holiday this time around. We’re also open until 1st November coinciding with half-term, so your family won’t miss out.

To ring in the holiday of ghosts and goblins with us this year will only cost you 34.20 euros per night if you’re an adult, and a bottom-line loving 11 euros per night for your child; all inclusive board.

The Marte Building House of Horror!

And we’re going to extra lengths to really do Halloween justice here at Club MAC. Empty of guests due to the end of the season, the Marte Building will be transformed to become the perfect venue for a heart-pounding Halloween adventure.

Take time to step into the Halloween-bedecked Marte building, and you’ll be greeted with a dark corridor of spider webs, with ominous chains hanging from the ceiling. Make your way down our heart-racing corridor of spook, and into any one of four themed rooms, each ready to give you the shock of a lifetime. Get ready to be really scared!

Check it Out for Yourself

We always have loads of fun here at Club MAC Alcudia when we put on our spooktacular Halloweens; you seriously don’t want to miss out. To check out just what you’re in for when you choose to spend the holiday with us, have a gander at photos from last years All Hallows Eve!

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