Delighting Fussy Eaters: A Guide to Kid-Friendly Cuisine at Club MAC

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Catering to the Littlest Palates: A Feast for Fussy Eaters at Club MAC

At Club MAC, we understand that meal times can be a challenge for parents of picky eaters. Every child has their unique preferences, and some may only stick to a very specific set of foods. Recognising this, we have crafted our dining experiences to cater to even the fussiest of little eaters, ensuring that every family member, regardless of their culinary inclinations, enjoys their stay to the fullest.

Understanding the Challenges

We’ve seen it all – from kids who will only eat plain pasta without any sauce to those who have a very particular preference for a certain type of food. In some instances, families have even brought food all the way from the UK, knowing that their child might not adapt to different menu options. At Club MAC, we believe that mealtime should be stress-free and enjoyable for both parents and children, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to accommodate these special dining needs.

The Kid’s Corner: A Haven for Young Foodies

Our Kid’s Corner is specially designed to appeal to our youngest guests. Each day of the week, we offer a variety of dishes to ensure that even the most selective eaters find something to their liking. Here’s a glimpse of what our Kid’s Corner menu looks like throughout the week:

  • Monday: Favorites like Grilled Chicken Sirloin, Squid Rings, and British Sausage, accompanied by sides like Crinklcut Potato and Mashed Potatoes.
  • Tuesday: A lineup featuring Chicken Nuggets, Battered Hake Filet, and Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, plus sides like Potato Criss Cut and French Fries.
  • Wednesday: Options including Grilled Pork, Fish Fingers, and Pizza Margarita, with sides like Potato Rosty and Steamed Corn.
  • Thursday: A selection of Grilled Fish, Cheese and Ham in Breadcrumb, and Pasta with Bolognese Sauce, along with Potato Juliana and Steamed Potato.
  • Friday: Tasty offerings such as Burgers, Cheese Puff Pastry, and Pizza Margarita, complemented by Potatoes Crinkle Cut and Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin.
  • Saturday: Hearty choices like Grilled Steak, Chicken Nuggets, and Lasagne Bolognese, with sides including Steamed Potato and Sprouts.
  • Sunday: A delightful array including Pork Chops, Fish Fingers, and Pasta with Bolognese Sauce, along with Potato Criss Cut and Mashed Potatoes.

Furthermore, the Lake Burger offers additional kid-friendly favorites like burgers and nuggets, ensuring that there’s always something to suit even the most particular tastes.

The Joy of Buffet Style: Encouraging New Tastes

One of the biggest advantages of our buffet-style dining is the opportunity it provides for children to explore and try new foods in a no-pressure environment. They can see, smell, and maybe even taste different dishes at their own pace and curiosity, which is often an effective way to encourage them to broaden their culinary horizons. Our diverse and colorful presentations aim to make food appealing and fun for kids, turning mealtime into an adventure rather than a challenge.


At Club MAC, we are committed to ensuring that every guest, regardless of age or dietary preference, has a delightful dining experience. Our carefully curated Kid’s Corner and the inclusive buffet-style dining are designed with the youngest of food enthusiasts in mind, making Club MAC the perfect family-friendly holiday destination. So, for parents worrying about their fussy eaters, rest assured, we’ve got mealtime covered!

Read are some of our customer reviews below:

Holly: I would class myself and children as fussy eaters, but we always had a great choice of food to choose from at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rebecca: The food was so good and was worried as I’m fussy but every night the food was amazing.

Stacey:  I am the most fussy  eater ever!! And I found something every time.. the smack bar on the lake from 12.30/4.30 is amazing!

Rebecca: The food is good and always something for everyone My kids are fussy but always found something

Suzanne: The food was nice even my fussy 12 year old had lots of choice.,

Kayleigh: The food was exceptional, for my fussy children, always something to eat, always fresh and so much choice. We’ve transferred to a 4 star hotel due to flight delays and the food doesn’t live up to Club Mac.

Rebecca: Food is lovely, there is always something to eat. The kids area inside the restaurant is great for little ones with nuggets, chips, sausages etc. Breakfast was our favourite and they are so fast at bringing it out is something is low. I have 5 children and 3 are fussy and always ate well. No one was ever hungry. We found Jupiter is better for lunch if you wanted to sit in a restaurant. They have a bakery section where you can make your own baguette, sandwich etc. The burger bar is great during the day too if you don’t want to sit inside, you can just take the food back to your sun lounger or eat there on the tables if you wanted. The queue can get long but it goes down very fast as lots of people are working in there. Love the kids bars outside for the children to order their own drinks and ice cream, it was much easier not getting up for them all the time as they could just go up whenever they wanted.

Lee: All the staff were fantastic very clean, food was a very good selection for everyone me and my boys are fussy eaters never went hungry. The lake side burger bar was fantastic long ques but soon went down,

Ashley: The food is great, something for everyone no matter how fussy. This is a busy hotel and always has been. Be prepared to wait a short time for a drink or food but again the staff are brilliant and get you served quickly.

Lauren: The restaurant is amazing – huge variety especially for fussy kids, so much to do and the staff are brilliant with the kids! We are looking to book again for next year! Absolutely amazing 👏 thank you so much!! ❤️

Kevin: Restaurants; You can use any one of the restaurants of the 3 complex’s that you wish, we opted to use the one in Saturno as we liked this best. The food was good to be fair, lots of choice on offer and definitely something for everyone, the themed nights were good, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Gala, Indian etc. They certainly cater for the brits as there’s always chips and burgers, sausages etc no matter what the theme so if you’re a fussy  eater you’ll be fine! Dessert selections were great too and breakfast was always good, lots of full English type foods, pancakes, fresh fruit, cereal you name it.

Adam: Food 5/5: breakfast couldn’t be faulted, with coffee machines and fresh juices galore. All inclusive Lunch, sandwiches, ice cream and a burger bar to keep you going through the day, Themed meals every night, and even if you’re not a fan they have something for the fussy eaters on (there’s 3 fussy in my house and they at like kings) just be ready to queue if you’re not willing to go and eat by 6:30pm.

Rachel: The Food – you won’t go hungry!! I don’t think I’ve eaten so much before but there were lots of options to pick from and I always like to try as much different things as I can. My kids can be quite fussy eaters but there was plenty to keep them satisfied. Breakfast: Best time to go was about 8am as wasn’t too busy. Lots of selection and I especially enjoyed the Spanish omelette and the pancakes. Lots of hot/cold choices, fruit, bread and juices. Lunch: we ate in Jupiter restaurant out of ease, again Lots of selection both cold and hot. I really liked the pizza and salad bar. Burger Bar: down by the lake, we all really enjoyed this although the wait the first time we went we had to queue for 20 mins so best to get there 20 mins early if you don’t want to wait long for your food but food was really good and kids said it tasted as good as McDonald’s so happy days! Snacks: In the lobby of the Jupiter Hotel they put on sandwiches, bread, cold meats, cheese and these amazing wafers. Was nice to have picky bits to munch on throughout the day if you weren’t full up from breakfast and lunch! Dinner: There was a themed night each night which was good, only one I didn’t like was the seafood one so ended up eating from the kids corner but again plenty to choose from and the desserts table was really nice. We went about 6pm each night before it got busy. For those that enjoy a late dinner, they also offer a dinner service at 10pm.

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