What’s changed since Brexit for your holiday to Club MAC?

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It’s a new year and there are some big changes for 2021. While COVID-19 is still affecting travel from the UK, we are hoping that by the time we open, the travel corridors will be open as well. In the meantime, we want to go through the changes Brexit is making to your Club MAC holiday.


How is Brexit affecting your holiday to Mallorca?
As from 1st January 2021, it’s all change for the UK as it finally left the EU. Of course, you can still come on holiday to Mallorca, but there are some changes to be aware of. We recommend having a quick check through the following list, so you’re all set for your summer holiday to Club MAC.


Do you need to renew your passport(s)?

On the day you travel, your passport and those of your whole family must have at least six months left on them. They must also be less than ten years old, even if there are six months or more left.


The biggest change here is that just having an in-date passport to travel to Spain is no longer valid. To be sure of getting in with no hassle, make sure your passport is within the new rules. You can renew your passport online for a fee of £75.50 or you can fill out a paper copy in a post office for a cost of £85.


Passport renewals ordinarily take three weeks but be aware that the combined forces of Brexit and COVID-19 mean it may take longer.


Will the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) still work?

All EHICs are still valid until they expire. If you apply for one now, you will instead receive a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). You can apply for this online here.


The GHIC will entitle you to either free or reduced cost healthcare provided by the state, in the same way as the EHIC. The healthcare may not be completely free, and you may have to pay some of the cost of your treatment. This is not refundable. It’s worth noting that this does not replace travel insurance, and you must also have this when you travel to Club MAC.


If your current EHIC has not yet run out when you travel to Mallorca, you do not need to apply for a separate GHIC. You can order a GHIC up to six months before your current EHIC runs out.


Are there changes at border control?

You might be asked to show your return ticket and prove you have enough money with you for your stay in Spain. You will also have to use separate queueing lanes from EU, Swiss and EEA (European Economic Area) travellers at the airport.


Palma Airport in Mallorca has made a number of changes to accommodate the new rules. These include alternations to the Arrivals terminal called Son Sant Joan. This is now one room with a single exit so that the new customs control measures can go ahead more easily.
The baggage claim hall has been converted into this single Arrivals hall for all passengers. The new customs control is managed by the Civil Guard, and UK passengers will now join other international visitors. There are still further changes to be made, including a new lost property office, commercial areas and other airport services.


What about mobile phone roaming charges?
There is no longer any guarantee or free mobile roaming when you visit the EU from the UK. However, most of the major phone network providers have said they have no plans to reinstate charges.

Vodafone, Three, O2 and EE have officially said that they won’t bring back the charges. A new law also protects you from getting any mobile data charges of more than £45 without notification.

Right now, COVID-19 restrictions mean that no one from the UK can travel to Spain until at least 2nd February 2021. Keep an eye on the Government travel advice as we get closer to the summer and travel corridors begin to reopen.

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