Are you dealing with anxiety during lockdown? Here are 10 ways to beat it

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We’re all still in lockdown in Mallorca and finding ways to keep ourselves busy and relaxed while we wait for our island to reopen. The Spanish Government has announced a four-stage de-escalation of the very strict lockdown the country has been under in order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spanish Prime Minister announced on 29 April 2020 that the country would find its ‘new normal’ by the end of June. Holiday apartments and hotels will be able to open mid-May, however, there are no dates yet for allowing overseas tourists to come to Mallorca. In addition, hotels can only open if they keep all communal areas, including bars, restaurants and pools closed. Club MAC cannot open under these restrictions.

So, for now and the foreseeable, Club MAC Alcudia will remain closed until it’s safe for us to welcome our British holidaymakers. We will let you know as soon as we have an updated plan for reopening. In the meantime, it’s important to keep yourself busy, healthy and as happy as possible during lockdown.

There may be parts of lockdown that you are enjoying. Perhaps it’s nice to have the family together at home, or maybe you’ve had time to read those books you’ve been meaning to get stuck into. But for many, the lengthy lockdown has been a tricky time. For mental and physical health, it’s important to keep yourself engaged and active.

10 ways to tackle anxiety during lockdown

Firstly, we all need to remember that this toughest of time will pass one day. We will find our way to a new normal, and by working together and keeping positive, we can come out stronger when the threat of COVID-19 recedes. In the meantime, try these to combat anxiety and keep well during lockdown.

1.  Look after your loved ones

Even if you’re not living with all of your favourite people, you can check in on them by phone, video chat, letter or chat. Take extra time to contact your friends, family, parents and children. It will help all of you feel a bit better.

2.  Exercise

Staying active is absolutely essential to keep your mood stable. It’s also a good idea to keep as physically healthy as possible. It can be tempting to ditch the exercise routine if you can’t get to the gym but resist the urge to skip your regular fix.

3.  Cook healthy dinners

Eating more because you’re bored, stressed, lonely or anxious is an easy trap to fall into at the moment. Stay aware of this risk and ensure your diet is balanced and as fresh as possible.

4.  Get plenty of sleep

Anxiety makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Doing less exercise can also make it tricky to relax. To get more sleep, cut down on caffeine, boost your activity levels (it doesn’t matter what you do for exercise as long as you do it!), and try an early night. Reduce screen time and resist the urge to look at your phone after you’ve gone to bed.

5.  Read more books

Staying on top of the current situation is another temptation that causes anxiety. We all have access to news 24/7 and it’s very difficult to be positive under a constant avalanche of concerning headlines. Books are the ideal escape from reality.

6.  Sing and dance

Singing is hugely beneficial for mental health and dancing is a great form of exercise. You’re at home, no-one other than loved ones can see or hear you – give it a go! It’s a great form of family activity with kids. Hold your own karaoke session or find a film to sing and dance along to.

7.  Keep a journal

An accessible way to keep anxiety at bay, and to beat the boredom, is to keep a journal. Everyone in the family can do it. No only will it be interesting to read back when the crisis has passed, it will benefit your mental health.

8.  Pass on a good deed

A little act of kindness will cheer you up, and it has the added bonus of cheering the recipient up too! Whether it’s ordering a gift for someone online, picking up the phone for a chat or volunteering in your community to help others, it’s a great mood booster.

9.  Enjoy the outside

While in Spain we are only just allowed to exercise outdoors following weeks of total lockdown, in the UK you can still exercise outside once a day. Take the time while outside to look around and appreciate nature. Find your favourite tree. Do some birdwatching. See if you can spot squirrels. Whatever it is that you enjoy about the outdoors, make extra effort to enjoy it right now.

10.  Don’t beat yourself up

If you are struggling to do the big things, it’s OK. There is a lot of pressure on social media to lose weight, exercise, write a book and do something amazing during lockdown. Remember that just getting through this difficult time is enough. Be easy on yourself and if you’re not in a place where you can do something big, get the small things done and relax.

We can’t wait for Club MAC Alcudia to reopen and welcome everyone back. While we wait for the crisis to pass and the world to find its ‘new normal’, we’ll be looking after our mental and physical health. We hope you do too. Stay well!

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