Confused about access to healthcare on holiday at Club MAC Alcudia? Read on

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We know that travel insurance and access to healthcare can seem confusing if you’ve never been to Club MAC before. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know to ensure you can access healthcare when you visit us this summer.

As the Brexit transition period doesn’t end until 31 December 2020, all rules for UK travellers to Mallorca remain the same. If you’re booking for your 2021 holiday, be aware that you will need to check official advice as it changes following the UK’s exit from the European Union. The Government webpage for holiday travel advice can be found here. In the meantime, let’s look at healthcare for your summer holiday at Club MAC in 2020.

How to access healthcare on holiday at Club MAC Alcudia
While most of our guests won’t need to see the doctor or visit a hospital while on holiday, it’s always good to understand how to access healthcare should you need it. There is an on-site doctor at Club MAC and appointments are available each day during business hours.

Under the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), Spanish healthcare is free. However, our on-site doctor is private, which means you must ensure your travel insurance covers the excess. Otherwise, you will need to pay the excess to use the doctor’s services.

Emergency care while in Alcudia
If you need emergency help while you’re not on site at Club MAC, call 112 as soon as you can. This is free to call in the same way that 999 is in the UK. If you are on site at Club MAC, our team will help you access emergency services or anything else you need, but it’s also good to know the word for A&E, which is ‘urgencias’.

The nearest hospitals to Club MAC are:

Juaneda Muro Hospital  – this is a private hospital, open every day of the year. It has a 24-hours a day emergency room and various medical specialities. It’s just over 4km away from Club MAC, and easily reachable by taxi or bus.

Inca Regional Hospital – this is a bigger hospital operated through the Spanish state healthcare system. It’s about 25km away from Club MAC.

Why you need the EHIC for 2020
According to official UK Government advice, you should always get travel insurance when you travel to any destination. This applies for destinations both inside and outside the European Union. As the UK is still within the EU until the end of the year, you must ensure you have a  European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This is free of charge and means you can access all state provided medical treatment that you might need while on holiday at Club MAC.

The EHIC ensures that you will receive medical treatment on the same terms as Spanish nationals. If you are asked to pay up front, this is not state healthcare. If you’ve lost the EHIC or don’t have it with you when you need medical assistance, call the Department of Health Overseas Healthcare Team on +44 191 218 1999. You will be issued with a Provisional Replacement Certificate.

Travel insurance is essential for your holiday to Club MAC
In addition to the EHIC, you should also take out fully comprehensive travel insurance that covers any medical treatment and associated costs. The UK Government says that the EHIC is not sufficient without travel insurance, as some costs (for example, medical repatriation, non-urgent treatment and ongoing treatment) are not covered.

If you or your family need treatment while you’re on holiday at Club MAC, make sure you keep all paperwork and receipts so that your insurance can give you the appropriate refund. For more information on Spain’s healthcare system see here.

To find out what your travel insurance needs to cover, click here for official Government advice. Our main advice to Club MAC guests is to make sure that your travel insurance includes excess. If you don’t have this covered, you will have to pay an excess before seeing our private on-site doctor. A standard travel insurance policy covers you and your family for medical costs. You should make sure your policy covers the excess and the following:

Medical expenses up to £5 million.
Repatriating you back home.
Cancelling your holiday for any reason of your choice. Check the small print on this.
Delays or missed departures beyond your control.
Lost or stolen baggage.
Losing your passport.

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