Everyone here wishes you a Merry Christmas from Club MAC!

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Merry Christmas from Club MAC to all our previous guests and to those we’ve yet to meet. We love welcoming you all to our three-star all-inclusive resort every year for your holidays.


Club Mac Christmas 2019


If you’ve been here before, you know just how much fun is had at Club MAC and the beach during the summer months, but have you ever wondered what Alcudia is like at Christmas time?


Merry Christmas from Club MAC – here’s how the local celebrate in Alcudia
Alcudia lies on the northern coast of Mallorca, and as with all the Balearic Islands, is part of the Spanish territories and the majority of locals are Roman Catholic.

If you’re planning to fly out to Alcudia this December for a festive break, then you’ll see a lot of Roman Catholic iconography and festivity in the villages and towns. Expect concerts, religious services and colourful parades, all designed to welcome the Christmas period.

In Alcudia, Christmas is a much-loved time of the year, and the region really pushes the boat out. The town itself puts on a number of carol services, nativity scene competitions, concerts and events throughout December in the run up to the big day. Christmas Day itself is very much a time for families to get together to feast, celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.


Christmas Eve and the Mass of the Rooster
La Misa Del Gallo (better known to us as Midnight Mass) is a popular event in Mallorca and the rest of the country. Literally translated it means ‘the Mass of the Rooster’, and some say it’s named for a legend that says when Jesus was born a rooster crowed.

Most historians agree that it began in the 5th century as a religious commemoration of the birth of Jesus, instigated by Pope Sixtus III. He began the custom of celebrating midnight mass on the day of the celebration of the Messiah’s birth in the ‘ad galli cantus’ (to the song of the rooster). This refers to the dawn of a new day, which begins according to ancient Roman traditions, at midnight when the rooster sings.

Christmas Eve itself is called ‘Nochebuena’ and is the culmination of days of carol singing and festivities around local neighbourhoods. In Mallorca there is a special tradition of singing what’s called ‘The Song of the Sibyl’, a Gregorian chant that has been performed in some churches since the Middle Ages.

Many Spanish people eat their Christmas meal on Christmas Eve before going to mass. Traditionally, the celebratory feast in Spain consists of pavo trufado de Navidad (turkey with truffle stuffing) or pularda (roast chicken). However, this is not always the case and many people choose all kinds of dishes to enjoy, including seafood in the north west of Spain.

Boxing Day is called ‘Second Christmas Day’ (Segona festa de Nadal) in Alcudia. And it’s also special to the people of the town as it marks the anniversary of the 16th century revolutionary battle called ‘les Germanies’. Alcudia was vitally important during this time, and when Emperor Charles V quashed the rebellion in 1523, Alcudia officially became the “Faithful City”.


Have a great Christmas and New Year!
New Year’s Eve (Nochevieja) is another big celebration for Spanish people. One of the strangest traditions is eating grapes at the stroke of midnight. For every chime, you eat one grape, and if you eat all 12, you’ll be lucky all year. For the best 2020, we’d suggest booking your holiday with Club MAC – it’ll give the family something to look forward to after the festive period!

Book direct online with us for the best prices, and remember you only need to pay a 10% deposit now to hold your booking. It’s fully refundable too if you cancel before midnight on the day before your arrival, and if you need to change dates later on you can.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to welcoming you to Club MAC for your summer holiday in 2020!

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