Sunday night is Tex-Mex night at Club MAC Alcudia

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In our final evening menu blog, we’re looking at Sunday night’s Tex-Mex buffet menu. It’s the perfect way to end your week at Club MAC Alcudia, with the choice of a huge variety of Tex-Mex treats, along with plenty of other favourite dishes. Don’t forget the kid’s corner and baby menu too.


Here’s what you can expect on a Sunday night in each of our three restaurants. Remember that you can eat in Marte, Jupiter, or Saturno restaurants, regardless of where you’re staying.


Tex-Mex night at Club MAC Alcudia


Let’s start with the ‘specials’ table, where you’ll find loads of Tex-Mex favourites, including tortillas, nachos, chilli con carne, guacamole, shredded cheese, all the sauces and rice with refried beans.


Over at the show cooking stations, you’ll find a fusion of English and Tex-Mex dishes, including grilled veal steak, grilled fillets of sole, grilled tomatoes, ravioli in a Mexican style sauce, spaghetti and much more.


The soup of the day is kidney bean, and the main meat dishes are pork with mango and chilli, or fried chicken. Fish of the day is a delicately cooked fillet of white fish flavoured with Mexican spices, and vegetarian options include kidney beans in a beer sauce or corn pie.


Kid’s corner and salad bar


Over in the kid’s corner, we have their usual favourite dishes that they can mix in with a bit of Tex-Mex. Kids choose from pork chops, breaded hake, British sausage, pasta Bolognese, smiley potatoes, mashed potatoes and carrots. They can also dig into the salad bar, of course, with its regular choice of green leaves, crudités, along with slices of roast beef, a mussel dish and lots of sauces and dressings.


Chef’s corner offers BBQ pork ribs with jacket potatoes, and the side dishes include corn on the cob, onion rings, roast potatoes, boiled rice and potato wedges. And if you have any appetite left, it’s over to the dessert table!


Desserts on Tex-Mex night


Mexican cocada (coconut) sweets are on offer, along with fresh pineapple pieces, sponge cake with cream and fruit and, of course, churros. These are long doughnut-like Mexica treats, smothered in sugar and delicious with chocolate sauce.


You can also choose from orange flavoured mousse, profiteroles with a custard filling, chocolate pudding, lemon meringue pie, apple or pineapple tartlet, yoghurt, fresh fruit or cheese and crackers. Delicious!

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