Saturday night at Club MAC Alcudia is Indian night at the restaurants

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Club MAC food

We love to make sure everyone has the best food, drink and entertainment every evening, but weekends at Club MAC are extra special. Our Saturday night buffet menu, available at each of our three on-site restaurants, celebrates everything Indian food related, with plenty of choice for everyone.


If you’re not a fan of Indian food, don’t worry, there are still loads of other dishes to try, including favourites for the kids. Here’s a rundown of the food you can enjoy on Saturday nights at Club MAC.


The Saturday night menu – Indian night at Club MAC

The soup of the day is a speciality from South India. Rasam is a piquant mix of flavours including dried red chilli, fresh green chilli and mustard seeds. Perfect if you like to start your meal with a delicate blend of spices.


Our meaty main dishes include chicken tikka masala and lamb tandoor. The fish dish of the day is another blend of Indian flavours, with Swai fish (an Asian catfish) cooked in coconut milk and curried sauce.


Vegetarian dishes on offer include aloo palak (potato and spinach dish) and kitchiri, which is a spicy lentil and rice dish. Side dishes on offer are dahl (a mix of lentils, carrot, tomato and spices), aloo gobi (potatoes, peas, cauliflower and coriander), boiled rice, pitta bread and French fries.


Show cooking and chef’s table

At the show cooking stations, you can watch our kitchen staff prepare all kinds of dishes, including loin of pork, grilled butterfish, grilled courgettes, farfalle pasta with a tomato sauce, roast potatoes, curry sauce and gravy.


Chef’s corner offers good old-fashioned British cooking with an Indian twist, with roast turkey and spices with mashed potato. As usual, you can also pile your plate high from the salad bar, with a selection of green leaves, crudites, sauces, marinated salmon and roast pork to add to your meal.


What’s on the dessert table?

Last, but definitely not least, we have a huge variety of desserts, cakes and puddings to choose from. In keeping with the Indian theme, you can try a Chai panna cotta or traditional Indian dessert Halwa Gajjar, which is made with carrots, dried fruits and milk.


We also have a pear and jam dish, strawberry mousse, a selection of biscuits, chocolate cake, chocolate truffle profiteroles, vanilla pudding, carrot cake, chocolate cake, strawberry tartlet or cheese and crackers.


Children’s and baby menu

As always, we have a special kid’s table packed with their favourites. On Saturdays these are veal escalope, chicken nuggets, British sausage, lasagne Bolognese, potatoes, steamed potatoes and baked beans.


The baby menu is the same as every night, with a choice of freshly made purees available. Choose from chicken, beef, veal or fish with vegetables, or plain mixed vegetables. All of these are made freshly in our kitchens with local ingredients and 100% olive oil. We also have microwaves available in the restaurants, so you can warm up your own baby food or milk if you wish.

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