What’s for lunch at Club MAC Alcudia?

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Club MAC restaurant

Last week’s post gave you plenty of detail about what you can expect for breakfast at Club MAC. While breakfast is the same every day, with a huge variety of cold and hot, as well as continental, Mallorcan and English options, our lunch menu changes daily.

We don’t have space here to tell you exactly what is on every day’s menu, but all you need to do is download the Club MAC Alcudia app. It’s available on iPhone and Android and takes up very little memory and gives you all kinds of information on your holiday at Club MAC. Including what’s on the lunch menu every day of the week.


Monday lunch at Club MAC

We’ve picked Monday to showcase, just to give you an idea of the lunch menu. It’s available in the Jupiter and Marte restaurants, and don’t forget there is also the Lake Burger bar and snacks available at our bars in between meals.

Start your lunch with creamy pumpkin and ginger soup, before selecting your main meal. Our show cooking stations offer all kinds of Spanish dishes on Mondays, ranging from paella to Valencian rice. You’ll also find curry and rice and vegetable or black rice, all cooked fresh in front of you.


Vegetarian and meaty mains

If you’re vegetarian or just want a lighter bite, choose from our baked vegetable casserole or scrambled eggs with mushrooms asparagus. There is also a salad bar with a wide variety of cold cuts and leaves, including a choice of lettuce and greens, various crudités, salami, Manchego cheese, camembert cheese, chopped pork, and lots of dressings.

For a hearty full meal, you can choose from roast chicken, steak, kidney and mushroom pie and pork in mustard sauce. The fish dish of the day is Ray’s bream fillet with onions, or if you prefer Mallorcan or Spanish food, head to the Mediterranean corner. Here you can enjoy grilled turkey, Mallorcan style fish, veggie omelette, sprouts, potato and stir-fried leek with garlic.

Side dishes to go with any of the above include grilled aubergine, French fries, mash, stir fried vegetables and green beans.


Pizza, pasta and children’s options

If none of these tickle your taste-buds on a Monday, there is always the pizza and pasta bar. Plenty of choice is available, from Margherita and salmon and spinach pizza, to ravioli in tomato sauce, spaghetti with bacon and tricolour pasta.

Let’s not forget our dedicated kid’s corner, with choices just for the little ones. On Mondays these are chicken fingers, frankfurters, steamed corn, pasta with Bolognese sauce, baked beans, pickled pork loin and ABC potatoes. For babies, we have various purees, all made with natural ingredients and 100% olive oil, with no added preservatives. If you would like to request a baby puree, speak to a member of staff on duty and choose from chicken with veg, veal with veg, lamb with veg, fish with veg or simply mixed vegetables.


Desserts, cakes and ice cream

And for dessert? Well, as with our dinner buffets, we like to put lots of effort into our desserts! At lunch time on Mondays you can choose from strawberry or vanilla ice cream, biscuits with cream and strawberries, chocolate pudding, assorted cakes, fruit cocktail and yoghurt compote, yoghurts in various flavours or fresh fruit. Or one of everything – you are on holiday!

This is just Monday’s menu, and is not exhaustive, so make sure you download the app to find out exactly what to expect for lunch every day. And make sure you leave space for dinner – over the next few weeks we’ll be detailing what’s on the menu at our theme-night evening buffets.

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