Tips for keeping cool in the hot Mallorcan sun

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Despite a cooler than average start to the summer here at Club MAC, Mallorca is officially entering its first heatwave of the summer. With a plume of air from Africa shrouding Spain, the mainland is set to endure temperatures of up to 40C over the next week. And while the Balearics are cooler thanks to coastal breezes, temperatures will still reach at least 35C, with the highest expected to be in Mallorca.

All of which means our Club MAC guests will be enjoying some spectacularly hot weather as we move into July. Here’s our top tips to keeping your cool in the hot Alcudian sun.


Stay cool and have fun in the Alcudian heatwave

Sunshine is what holidays are all about, and we’re delighted that our guests will be able to enjoy the facilities on offer while basking in the Spanish sun. However, heatwaves can also take their toll, particularly on the youngest, the oldest and anyone with any health issues.

It’s easier than you think to become a victim of heat exhaustion, which results in all kinds of symptoms that could ruin your holiday. Feeling sick, muscle cramps and headaches are early warning signs, with more severe symptoms including confusion and fainting. No-one wants to suffer while they’re meant to be enjoying themselves, so follow the advice below, and take it easy in the summer sun.


  1. Drink lots of water


The biggest favour you can do yourself and your family is to keep everyone hydrated. Sweating profusely leads to dehydration, which can make you feel dizzy, tired and generally ill. In hot temperatures like this, you should drink fluid regularly throughout the day and throughout the evening.


Public Health England says to drink between six and eight glasses of water every day. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol don’t count towards this total, so make sure you drink enough. If you or your family do become dehydrated, use an oral rehydration treatment, such as Dioralyte, which replaces salts and sugars to rebalance your body.


  1. Don’t drink too much alcohol


We know that all-inclusive holidays bring the temptation of beer in the sun but bear in mind alcohol dehydrates the body. If you are drinking, ensure you’re balancing it with plenty of water. Don’t overdo the drinking, and not only will you stay hydrated and feeling well, you’ll sleep better too.


  1. Cover up and stay in the shade


Avoid being out in the midday sun. Between the hours of 11am and 3pm, mid-summer Mediterranean sun is simply too hot, particularly for children. Keep everyone happily in the shade and remember that babies under nine months should always be kept out of the sun.


High protection sun cream is a must for the whole family. Use factor 50 and reapply to everyone regularly, particularly if people are in and out of the pool. The majority of people don’t use enough sun protection. Put the kids in full-length swimsuits so they’re as covered as possible, and make sure everyone is wearing a hat.


  1. Eat fresh, cool food


Our buffets are crammed with lots of different kinds of food, from meaty mains to vegetarian specials. We’d advise eating plenty of cooling fruits and vegetables when it’s super-hot, all of which will help to cool you down and keep you hydrated. Steer away from anything too heavy in the middle of the day, or anything that causes you to sweat more, like spicy curries.


  1. Use the air conditioning


One of the biggest problems many people have in the heat is trying to sleep. All of our rooms at Club MAC have air conditioning, so make sure that the balcony doors are closed at night so that it works to its full capacity. An extra tip to keep cool is popping your pillowcases in the fridge while you’re out for the day – it can help you fall asleep on a hot, muggy night.


  1. Take a dip


Cold or cool water helps your body temperature fall. If you’re having real trouble sleeping at night, run cold water over your wrists to quickly lower your body heat. The same goes for cooling down during the day. Use our swimming pools regularly, head on over to the Hidropark for a splash about, or paddle in the sea. All of these will cool you down. Just make sure you reapply your sun protection. If you don’t want to be in and out of the water, place a cold towel or ice cubes wrapped up on the back of your neck or on your wrists, and you will feel the benefit.


Follow these tips, and you’ll enjoy the hot weather while at Club MAC Alcudia – we can’t wait to welcome you!


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