What to do at Club MAC if you have food allergies

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Club MAC food

For many people, the all-inclusive food and drink are among the highlights of their holiday at Club MAC. One of the best things about going on holiday to Club MAC with its all-inclusive holidays is the huge variety of food on offer, the choice available and the fact there’s plenty of it!

We want you to enjoy your holiday at Club MAC, and that means working hard to make sure there is something for everyone available at mealtimes. We know that it can be difficult to keep the kids happy, so pay special attention to our kids’ menus, and we have various baby foods for the littlest in your family.

Whether you love a slap-up breakfast to start your day, or you’re more into our theme night dinners, we really do think you’ll find something you like. Our three restaurants and snack bars are open most of the time and cater for all sorts.

What to do if you have a food allergy

Each hotel – Saturno, Marte and Jupiter – has a restaurant and, as you can imagine, we have lots of chefs working on the meals every day. Our chefs and dining staff are always happy to chat to you about the ingredients in each available dish, and recommend dishes that are safe to eat.

We are also happy to prepare basic meals such as grilled meat or boiled veg or potatoes for guests with allergies. We have gluten free bread, sandwich bread, pasta and cereal and various types of dairy free milks available (normally soya, almond, lactose free or oat milk, but this can vary). Dishes can also be taken out straight from the kitchen to avoid cross contamination with any other food types.

It’s vital that you let us know of any allergies, particularly dangerous ones. Tell everyone in your party, as well as the Club MAC staff, so that everyone is aware and can make sure the person is catered for.

Who to tell about your allergy at meal times

When you arrive at your chosen restaurant, tell our maître de of your dietary requirements and they will communicate with the chef.

Communication is very much key when dealing with allergies on holiday, particularly at a large resort like Club MAC. Make sure you are prepared when you travel to us, as well as when you arrive. Always pack your medication and it’s a good idea for the affected person to have a detailed Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care plan with them.

We do have an on-site doctor, but for people at risk of anaphylactic shock, we would always advise bringing their medication with them so that no time is lost should they have a reaction. Planning ahead for food allergies means everyone can relax and enjoy their holiday with Club MAC.

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