How to pack light for your holiday to Club MAC Alcudia

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Suitcase Packing

You’ve booked your holiday to Club MAC Alcudia and the countdown is on. The kids are excited, and the day is drawing near. And then you remember you have to pack for the family.

Trying to pack light for your holiday with family can be a stressful time! And, depending on the size of your family, can seem an impossible task. Here’s our tips to make it easier.


How to pack light for your holiday to Club MAC

Packing light can make the journey less stressful and the airport experience much more fun for everyone. But you also don’t want to be short of necessary items while you’re on holiday.

Start with your choice of bags. Try to condense everything into one bag or suitcase to go in the hold for the whole family, and a carry-on bag each. This will minimise stress at the airport and make the journey feel easier. Or, if your kids are old enough to carry their own bags, you could try taking carry-on bags only. This will make the journey even easier and lighten the pre-holiday stress.


Pack carefully and properly

Tempting as it is to shove everything in a suitcase and go, you can squeeze much more in if you take your time. How you pack matters. It will also help to keep everything accessible when you reach Club MAC, so you can grab the swimsuits and go!

Rolling clothes and other items fits more in. We’d suggest rolling into packing cubes and securing with rubber bands. It minimises the amount of air trapped between items and helps to smooth wrinkles.


Don’t over pack for the kids

A mistake many people make is taking far too much stuff, particularly when packing for kids. You can get lost in ‘what ifs’ and end up packing for a month rather than seven nights.

We have washing and ironing facilities at Club MAC, so you can always freshen the kid’s clothes while on holiday. Simply wash and re-wear, just like you would at home. This will free you up to take only what you need for yourself and the family.


Rent all kinds of items at Club MAC

Don’t forget that at Club MAC, not only do we have an on-site shop crammed with all kinds of holiday necessities, we also partner with a local company to offer plenty of items for hire.

Lower Hire rents everything from baby monitors to pushchairs, wheelchairs and DVD players. Ironing facilities are available in the laundry room, but if you wish to hire your own, you can. Just ask at Reception or Guest Services for more information on what you can hire, and when packing, have a look online here for a full list on what’s available.

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