What is there to do at Club MAC Alcudia when the weather is bad?

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What to do in Alcudia when it rains

We know that part of the reason you come to Mallorca is for the hot, sunny weather. And at Club MAC Alcudia we definitely have plenty of sunshine! We expect this season to follow largely the same trajectory as last year, although perhaps without the very high temperatures that we experienced during high season.

If you’ve been with us already this season, you may have noticed it was a bit breezy on some days. It’s not possible to predict the weather with 100% accuracy, of course, and there is always the chance that there could be a little rain or wind when you’re with us.


Club MAC Alcudia has you covered whatever the weather


The rest of May looks set to heat up more, with temperatures by the end of the month hovering between the low and mid-20s. Which means lots of sunbathing weather to enjoy. But what if it is less than perfect when you’re here?

Whether you’re staying with us right now, or you’re worried about the weather before you get here, worry no longer. At Club MAC we know that there is always the chance of some less than perfect weather, so we ensure there’s still lots to do when this happens.

Below is a list of alternative venues for children’s entertainment during bad weather. There are two venues for each activity, the first is where it takes place when the weather is OK and the second where it takes place if the weather is bad.


  • Birthday party for Macky and Misha – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter building.
  • Princess for a Day experience – first floor Jupiter building.
  • Art Attack – Dragon House or indoor stage in the Saturno building.
  • Meet & greet – indoor stage in the Saturno building.
  • Superhero Day – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter building.
  • Picnic with Alice – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter building.
  • Junior MasterChef – Saturno Terrace or the hall in the Saturno building.
  • T-Shirt painting – Next to the lake at the burger bar or in the Saturno hall.
  • Experiments – Dragon House or first floor of the Jupiter building.
  • Candy Party – Dragon House or first floor of the Jupiter building.
  • Pyjama Party – Dragon House or cancelled.
  • Reptile Show – Outside the Saturno building or in Saturno hall.
  • Explorers Day – Dragon House or first floor of the Jupiter building.


What about evening entertainment?


On the few occasions when the weather is too wet or windy to enjoy the evening shows on the normal outside stages, they are moved indoors to the Saturno and Jupiter buildings.

And don’t forget that for kids between 13 and 17 years old, we have the brand-new T-Zone area on the first floor of the Saturno building. Equipped with PlayStations, TVs, WiFi, comfy seating, Bluetooth speakers, slush, soda and popcorn machines, it’s got everything for teens to have a good evening. And as it’s indoors, it’s never affected by bad weather. It’s open all the way through the season, from 1 May to 31 October, between 6pm and 10pm every night.

As you can see, there’s no need to worry about getting bored if the weather isn’t perfect. And then it’s back to sunbathing, swimming and the beach because the sun doesn’t stay hidden for long in Alcudia!


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