Summer time fun for Club MAC guests at Playa d’Alcudia

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As wonderful as Club MAC Alcudia is (and it really is!), we know that you’ll want to leave the resort every now and again. Very close to Club MAC you’ll find Playa d’Alcudia, a beautiful 7km long stretch of white sand bordered by crystal clear sea.

It’s less than 1km from Club MAC, and a few kms from Port d’Alcudia. The beach is a Blue Flag beach, known for its cleanliness and family-friendly sustainability.


Alcudia beach is perfect for families

Playa d’Alcudia is perfectly set up for families, with plenty of facilities, including showers, changing rooms and toilets. There is also a dedicated children’s play area and lots of water sporting activities to enjoy, from paddle boats to kayaks and more. All of this and plenty of sand to play in.

It’s ideal for swimming and paddling, with clean, shallow water. It’s also shallow and safe for kids to enjoy. Always watch out for the weather, as although the sea is generally calm, waves can pick up from the north. There are lifeguards on the beach, and markers for activities, swimming and surfing.

Explore the boardwalk that’s packed with shops, cafes and restaurants bordering the beach. Most of the amenities and facilities are towards Port d’Alcudia, so this tends to be the busier part of the beach. If you want a quieter area, head towards Playa de Muro, where it tends to be less crowded. Although there are restaurants and bars at the beach, it’s got a very low-key family vibe


Activities to enjoy at the beach

Alcudia beach is ideal if you love activities. There is something for every age group, from children and teens to adults. There are all kinds of water sports available, and various sports shops on along the boardwalk. Kayaks, windsurfing and paragliding are all available, as well as sailing classes and boat trips. You’ll also find volleyball nets, a small child’s park and dedicated areas with gym equipment for adult use.


We offer various excursions and boat trips at Playa d’Alcudia. You can buy tickets from the Guest House or Reception for the following:


-BBQ and kayak excursion

This is available Tuesday to Sunday, starting at 9.30am. It costs 39 Euros per adult and 19 Euros per child.

-Two-hour boat trip

This runs on Thursdays, starting at 3.30pm. Tickets are 20 Euros per adult and 12 Euros per child.

-Scuba diving

Running Monday to Saturday, this is for everyone aged 10 and over and costs 95 Euros per person.

-Snorkelling trip

This is available Monday to Saturday for everyone aged eight and over and costs 45 Euros per person.

-Two-hour boat cruise

This is on every day from 1.10pm and costs 20 Euros per adult and 10 Euros per child.

-Four-hour boat cruise

This is available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It costs 26 Euros per adult and 13 Euros per child.

-Coast, Caves & Coves

This runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It costs 36 Euros per adult and 18 Euros per child.

-Sunrise and dolphin cruise

This excursion is available on Mondays through Thursdays. It costs 49 Euros per adult and 38 Euros per child.


How to get to the beach

We provide a free shuttle bus between Club MAC and Playa d’Alcudia. The timetable runs from 10am to 5pm every day from outside the main gate. Check the Club MAC app, or our website under Resorts for details on the timetable.

It’s less than 1km from Club MAC, so an easy walk if you don’t want to take the bus. However you get there, we guarantee you’ll love everything Playa d’Alcudia has to offer.

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