How hot will it be during your holiday at Club MAC Alcudia?

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We’re getting closer to the summer, and we can’t wait to welcome you and your family to Club MAC Alcudia for your 2019 holiday. We get asked lots of questions by our guests before they arrive, and one of the most common ones is about how hot the resort will be when they visit.

Our resort is found on the northern coast of beautiful Mallorca, and we’re known for gorgeous summers full of sun, sea and sand. And while it’s generally sunny and lovely all through the season, the heat does vary from month the month.

Temperatures to expect on holiday at Club MAC Alcudia

If you’re already booked into Club MAC, then knowing the probable temperature to expect will help your planning. And if you’re still considering whether to join us this year, then our sunshine months might just persuade you.

Book direct online with Club MAC Alcudia for the best price and remember that you can cancel and amend the booking right up to midnight the day before your arrival and get your 10% deposit back. Here’s a run down of the average temperatures you can expect for summer 2019. Don’t forget that temperatures and weather will always vary year to year. Last year, we had an extremely hot couple of months from May to July, so whenever you’re planning on visiting, pack lots of sun cream!

Average temperatures in Alcudia

August is the hottest month in Alcudia and averages a temperature of 25C (77F). The coldest months Club Mac is open are May and October, which averages 18C (64F) and you’ll see the most hours of sunshine during July (average of 11 hours).

October is the wettest month with an average of 63mm of rain and the sea is warmest during August, when the average temperature of the water is 26C (79F). If you’re visiting us during October, don’t be put off by the prospect of rain. Any rain we do have tends to be in short, sharp bursts and is followed by warm sun. There’s also plenty to do indoors when the weather is rainy. We’re open every season from 1 May to 31 October, so we’re well prepared for the odd wet day.

These are average temperatures, and the real feel during the summer months is likely to be much hotter.

avg temp club mac

Average rainfall in Alcudia

As you’ll see from these figures showing average monthly rainfall, we have barely any rain during the main summer months, but you might see some as we head towards October.

rainfall Club Mac

Average sunshine hours per day  

We’re all about the sun at Club MAC Alcudia, and whether you head to Playa d’Alcudia to sunbathe on the golden sand, or stick by one of our fab swimming pools, you’ll want to be outside enjoying it.

The average sunshine per day throughout the summer is:

sunshine hours club mac

Average sea temperatures at Port d’Alcudia

The sea is always relatively warm in Alcudia in the summer, and you’ll see from the average monthly temperature that by October it retains its heat thanks to the long sunny days. Here’s what to expect:

Avg sea temp

Average high and low temperature in Alcudia

Alcudia will see some very high temperatures through our open period with the highest temperature being in August at 30°C. The coldest Alcudia is expected to be within our open period is in May with a low temperature of 12°C.

Avg high - low temp

The information has been taken from this website, which has lots of detail on temperatures and what to expect in Mallorca. Whenever you decide to book your holiday with Club MAC Alcudia, we can promise you plenty of fun and memories to treasure.

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