Staying fit and healthy on holiday at Club MAC Alcudia

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Worried your holiday at Club MAC Alcudia might undo all your hard work from New Year’s resolutions? Don’t be! There are plenty of ways you can stay fit and healthy while staying with us.

Whether you’re coming to stay at the beginning of the season in May, or later in the year, we have lots of sporting activities you can enjoy on holiday.

Sports and activities at Club MAC Alcudia

While lots of our guests like to completely relax and enjoy all the food and drink on offer, we know that plenty also like to stay active. We believe the perfect family holiday has a mix of activities and excursions, lots of sunbathing and excellent food to enjoy. At our three-star Club MAC resort, you can enjoy all of this and more.

We have three buildings (Marte, Saturno and Jupiter) packed with Standard, Family and Premium rooms, set within 100,000 square metres of resort. There’s plenty of space to enjoy all of our activities and entertainments on site. If swimming is your thing, you can get your cardio in easily in one of our seven swimming pools. Or, you can walk (or jog) down to Playa d’Alcudia. The gloriously sandy beach is under 1km away from Club MAC and has plenty of activities on offer to get you moving.

Specialist sporting activities

There are plenty of routes surrounding the hotel complex for morning runs, if that forms part of your exercise regime. As well as walking, hiking, running, cycling and swimming, we also have lots of specialist sporting activities on offer. You can book our tennis court, which is found at the Club House. A small deposit will secure tennis balls and racquets. For a more sedate option, mini-golf is available so that all the family can join in.

Our fabulous swimming pools are perfect for playing, swimming and lazing around in the sun. But if you’re keen to burn the calories while on holiday, we also have activities available in the pool. Our Club MAC team members can lead you through Aqua Zumba, Water Gym or H2O fun, or you can take part in team sports including water volley and water polo. Group sports are also on offer at our sand court, including football and volleyball. Team up with other guests and enjoy a kickabout in the sunshine!

Family fun at Club MAC Alcudia

The beauty of our all-inclusive holidays is that you and your family can set your own timetable. Whether you like to get up with the sunrise and run along the beach, or

you’d rather sunbathe by the pool, every option is available. And while our fabulous all-inclusive food does have plenty of indulgent options, it’s also possible to choose the healthy options to stay on your diet.

It’s also important, of course, to maintain wellness habits in the sunshine. This includes staying out of the very hot sun in the middle of the day, getting plenty of hydration and using sun cream to protect your skin. We offer a quieter wellness area for adults next to the lake, where you can indulge in a massage or beauty treatment.

The most important way to enjoy your holiday at Club MAC is to do it your way. Pack in everything possible or lounge next to the pool. Whatever you like to do on holiday, you can do it at Club MAC. Book direct with us to secure your holiday this summer, we can’t wait to show you everything on offer!

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