What does Club MAC Alcudia’s three-star rating mean?

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Hotel and resort star ratings can be confusing. This is because not only does every country have different criteria, but so do the tour operators that you might book through. Club MAC Alcudia is a lovely family resort in Spain with plenty on offer for the perfect holiday, with a three-star rating.

Booking directly with us at Club MAC is the most cost-effective way to visit our resort for your summer holiday. However you choose to book, we thought it would be useful to provide information on resort star ratings in Spain.

Spanish star ratings

Star ratings are definitely useful when deciding where to go on holiday, but it’s worth knowing that all ratings are not the same. Each of the 17 regions in Spain give official ratings ranging from one to five stars, according to their assessment of the facilities offered.

Five-star resorts and hotels are at the luxury end of the holiday market and are usually offered by the larger international chains. Three and four-star resorts in Spain are the ones that can be more confusing for customers. We know that expectations from our guests can differ, depending on a number of factors. This could be where they’ve been on holiday in the past, or confusion with tour operator ratings.

In Spain, the star rating most directly affects the kinds of food you can expect to enjoy on holiday.

Three-star resorts

At Club MAC, we cater for families and those who want to have a fun, relaxed and action-packed holiday. As we are rated three-star we fit the criteria for these, which includes larger hotels with superior facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, sun terraces, TVs and entertainments. Our rooms are all en-suite with full facilities, with a TV, safe, air conditioning, balcony, telephone and are large enough to accommodate two twin beds.

Our food is a comprehensive buffet breakfast and dinner, with plenty of choice for lunch, snacks and drinks. As we are all-inclusive, we have facilities on offer 24 hours a day and a team of skilled entertainers and other staff.

How do we compare to other star ratings?

One-star Spanish resorts and hotels offer basic rooms with either shared facilities or a bathroom. There are often no other amenities such as swimming pools, TVs, lounges or reception services. Guests can expect small rooms with no balcony access. Dining is likely to be simple Spanish fare with limited choice, and often only bed and breakfast.

Two-star have basic accommodation with some en-suite rooms. Many will have a small swimming pool, a TV and a larger restaurant choice. Often, they are in sea-front locations but offer far less than three-star.

With four and five-star resorts in Spain, you will notice a significant price increase. There is likely to be room service, larger rooms and more extras, and in five-star resorts you can expect 24-hour concierge service.

Club MAC offers a balanced holiday

At Club MAC Alcudia, we pride ourselves on offering the best of a three-star resort, including food, accommodation and entertainment. If you book online with us, you will find the cheapest prices, and you can also check out the detail of all of our three-star offerings. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!

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