What if it rains at Club MAC Alcudia?

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Club MAC - What to do if it rains

Along with most of Europe, we’ve had a super-hot summer here in Alcudia. Now we’re well into the later part of the season and heading into Autumn, the weather can be a bit less predictable.

Recently, we’ve had a few bursts of rain and some storms. The great thing about the tropical style storms in Mallorca during later summer is that they pass very quickly. Torrential rain one moment will easily give way to sunny skies and fluffy clouds within an hour. So, the good news is that rain will never stop play for very long! The even better news is that we have plenty of ways to keep the family entertained while you wait for the summer storm to pass.

No matter the weather

Whether you’re here with us already, or frantically checking the weather forecast before your holiday, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Lots of our activities, particularly for children, take place indoors so they will carry on as normal, no matter the weather.

The forecast for the rest of September is dry, hot and sunny, with maximum temperatures of 30 degrees. But if there is a downpour or storm while you’re here, take a look at the entertainment laid on for kids below.

There are two venues for each entertainment, the first is where the activity takes place if the weather is dry at the start of the activity. The second is where the activity is shifted to if it’s already raining when it’s due to start. This is to save you walking all the way to the Dragon House in the rain!

Rainy day activity locations

Check below for locations and information.

  • Mascot birthday party – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter.
  • Princess for a day – first floor Jupiter.
  • Art Attack – Dragon House or indoor stage Saturno.
  • Meet & greet – indoor stage Saturno.
  • Superhero Day – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter.
  • Picnic with Alice – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter.
  • Junior Masterchef – Saturno Terrace or Saturno hall.
  • T-shirt painting – burger lake or Saturno hall.
  • Experiments – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter.
  • Candy party – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter.
  • Pyjama party – Dragon House or it’s cancelled.
  • Reptile show – outside Saturno or Saturno hall.
  • Explorers day – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter.
  • Magic day – Dragon House or first floor Jupiter.

And don’t forget, even if it does rain or storm, it’s almost guaranteed to be over quickly, and you can be back to sunbathing by the pool!

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