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Five reasons your kids will love Club MAC Alcudia

Family holidays are a special time, and we know how much our guests look forward to them. Time away with the children and other family members is precious and it’s important that you come to a resort that has everything you need.

At Club MAC Alcudia, we have spent 30 years making sure our activity programmes are ideal for all ages, and are proud of the range of sports, art and other activities available to our guests. These range from beach football to teens disco, and Junior Masterchef to water aerobics. Whatever you like to do in your downtime, the chances are you’ll find it at Club MAC.

In this blog, we’re looking at Club MAC Minis. This is our activity programme devised specially for children aged between four and eight.

Happy times at Club MAC

Experience tells us that younger children are at their happiest while taking part in Club MAC’s Mini Club activities. We have a playground just for them, a toddler pool where they can splash about to their heart’s content and a fabulous team of dedicated entertainers who will make them feel relaxed and welcome.

Most of our Club Mini activities do require an adult to come along as well (barring Princess for a day and Pyjama party), but that just adds to the all-round fun!

Princess for a day

One of our most popular and well-loved activities for Minis is our Princess for a Day extravaganza. This takes place every Tuesday and is an all-day activity, with various activities in the morning and the afternoon. There are just 20 spaces per session, so you must get in early to secure a place for your child.

To book your little princess in, just head to the Guest House the day before and sign up. If you want to hire a costume then we’ll ask for a deposit of 20 Euros, which is fully returnable. Or, you can bring your own favourite costume from home.

In the morning, all the princesses have their hair, make-up and nails done before they dress up in their costume. They learn how to curtsey like a princess and how to walk like royalty – complete with light-hearted deportment training! They also make necklaces and bracelets with beads to complete their princess look and start rehearsals for the big performance of Let It Go from Frozen in the evening.

After lunch, the princesses reconvene to touch up hair and make-up, rehearse their performance and play games. These include games based on the poisoned apple from Snow White and finding the glass slipper from Cinderella. Finally, they have an exclusive meet and greet with our famous mascots and perform Let It Go on the Circus stage in the evening. It’s a magical day that your little one will love – don’t miss out.

Other Club Mini activities

There are plenty of other things for the Minis to do in addition to becoming a princess for one day. They include a special Children’s Parade, which is also a fancy-dress event. They can either bring their favourite costume or borrow one from us.

Or perhaps a picnic with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter would be more their style. We have various snack-based kid’s parties, including a special Candy party too. Ask at the Guest House for more details.

We also have a regular reptile show, which is fascinating and educational. There are also other themed days, including Explorer’s Day, based on the old-fashioned Boy Scouts philosophy, Superhero day and Wizards and Witches Day.

As you can see, whatever your child is into, there will be something for them to enjoy at Club MAC. We can’t wait to welcome you and your family and make sure you have a fabulous, fun-packed holiday with us.

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