What’s the weather like in Alcudia in September and October?

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Chilling out at Club MAC Alcudia

We’re can’t believe we’re heading towards the end of the high season – it goes so fast! This summer has been particularly hot as Europe has dealt with a long, dry heatwave, and Club MAC Alcudia has been the perfect place for hundreds of families to enjoy the temperatures and their holiday.

But we’re not just a June to August kind of resort. We’re actually open right up until the end of October, and while that may mean plenty of rain and chilly winds in the UK, here in Mallorca it’s still beautifully warm and sunny.

Late season

Whenever you’ve booked your stay at Club MAC Alcudia, we know you and your family will have a great time. The height of the summer holidays does tend to be our busiest time, but everything is open and available all the way through until the end of October.

It tends to be quieter throughout September and October at Club MAC, and the temperatures are also a bit lower. You can expect highs of 30 degrees Celsius until mid-September, and around 25/26 degrees Celsius through October. Of course, these are based on average temperatures and we could have another heat wave before 2018’s season is over!

Fewer crowds

August is the hottest month in Alcudia, even when there is no heatwave. Temperatures are high and humid, and the sun stays hot throughout long beach days. As we move towards mid-September, temperatures do come down a bit and in October you’ll enjoy cooler, gentler days and nights.

While the temperatures won’t be as high as mid-season, there will be lots of time to top up your tan by the swimming pool. And you and your family can enjoy the beautiful beach in Alcudia even more, as it’s less busy than in the middle of the school holidays. Relax on the golden sand and swim in the still-warm sea, just with less hustle and bustle around you.

Autumn at Club MAC

The later you come in the season, the lower the temperatures will be. But even in October they will easily be in the low to mid 20 degrees range. There are more storms during this time of year, but at Club MAC we don’t let that stop us all having fun! There’s lots to do, even if it is raining.

During the first two weeks of October, temperatures are still high, and there is the chance of hitting about 28 degrees, while towards the end of the month they’re more likely to be between 23 and 25 degrees. Club MAC Alcudia is so near the beach that we benefit from warmer temperatures for longer, when compared with resorts that are more inland.

Family fun at Club MAC

We still run plenty of activities suitable for all members of the family, and particularly for the children throughout September and October. There is a lot to choose from for your little ones, and our kids club is there to entertain them. The Mini club is ideal for the toddlers, whether they fancy spending the day as a princess, or just want to hang out with our club mascots, they are guaranteed to have a smile on their face.

And of course, we have all of our wonderful swimming pools to try, including the splash pool (Dragon pool), which is ideal for little ones.

Hit the beach in Autumn

Less than 1km away and just a quick bus ride on our free shuttle bus is Alcudia’s gorgeous, sandy beach. There are loads of water sporting activities to try, as well as boating excursions and much more. The beach will be less busy during this time of year, making it ideal for a nice, relaxing break in the sun.

Book your holiday at Club MAC online for the very best deal, and you always have the option to cancel any time up to 12am the night before your arrival. It’s just 10% deposit to secure the room and if you find a cheaper price, simply let us know and we’ll match it.

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