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CLub MAC Shop

No matter how carefully you pack for your holiday, the chances are you’ll have forgotten something. It’s particularly easy to forget the little things, whether that’s some sun protection or a spare swimsuit.

When you’ve arrived at Club MAC Alcudia and setting up your room, you may well find that there’s something niggling you need. Whatever it is that you or your family are after to make your holiday complete, you’ll find it at our well stocked on-site shop.

Little extras

There’s just about everything you could need and it’s all handily on site, so you don’t need to leave the resort to grab your extras. Form inflatables for the kids to use in our swimming pools to the all- important sunscreen and mossie spray, it’s all here. Our friendly staff will help you find what you need, and if you’re not sure we have it just ask at reception and the team will be able to help.

If it’s not on our shelves, we can help you find your way into town or the nearest shop outside of the resort complex.

Swimming pool extras

When you get to Club MAC, you’re bound to fall in love with our swimming pools. We have eight on our resort, offering plenty of space to swim, play and just enjoy being in the water. We also have free access to the Hidropark opposite Club MAC included in your holiday price, so there is plenty more water-based fund there.

Of course, there is also the beautiful golden sands of the beach in Alcudia too, where you will find warm, shallow seas to swim in, and plenty of adventure sports and boating trips to try too. And to fully enjoy the water while you’re on holiday, you need inflatables!

You can get inflatable toucans, flamingos, sharks, ducks, cars, planes or even a plane inflatable ring in our shop. We have so many different varieties of inflatables available you and your children will be spoiled for choice.

Beach extras

As well as inflatables for the sea, we also sell everything from buckets and spades to windbreakers, sun cream and parasols. There are reasonably priced, stylish sunglasses and plenty of clothes to add to your summer wardrobe. We sell a range of t-shirts, sarongs and bikinis as well as hats, shades and caps.

Flip flops, stylish bags, sandals, beach shoes and dresses are also available, so you can treat yourself to a whole new look while you’re at Club MAC.

Reading extras

While you may have packed your Kindle, it’s always nice to pick up something new to read while you’re on holiday. Sitting by the pool with a good book is one of the nicest aspects of relaxing while on holiday, and we have plenty of bestselling books available for you in our shop. We also stock a range of English magazines and newspapers.

Practical extras

Whether it’s specialist sun cream or fresh milk for the kids, we have lots of groceries, basic pharmaceuticals and beauty products available. There are crisps and snacks to fill those gaps between meals, and a large range of baby products, including nappies, swimming nappies and formula.

We also sell souvenirs and jewellery, so you can remember your time at Club MAC when you get home. Take a look at our exclusive Qandari jewellery, which is made with Mallorcan pearls and Swarovski crystals. And for the kids you can pick up soft toy versions of Club MAC’s famous mascots, Macky and Misha. Perfect!

Here’s a full list of everything we sell in our shop at Club MAC:

Crisps, biscuits, sweets, soft drinks, fruit juices, milk, alcohol, sun protection, tops, swimming costumes, sun hats, baseball caps, flip flops, UK newspapers and magazines, books, costume jewellery, souvenir magnets, postcards, beach calls, fishing nets, Scuba mask and snorkels, goggles, inflatables, sunglasses, buckets and spades, pumps for inflatables, nappies, swimming nappies, baby bottles, nappy cream, talcum powder, baby oil, baby soap and shampoo, dummies, baby wipes, non- spill baby cups, sponges, toys and soft toys.

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