How Guests Are Helping to preserve Majorca

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Here at Club MAC, we’re proud of the beauty that is Majorca and our surrounding area. When you stay with us, you’ll be able to relax and take in all the natural wonder of the island. While it’s easy to take the sights and sounds of Majorca for granted, it’s great to know that by staying with us, you’re helping to preserve this magnificent destination.  Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions on this subject, demonstrating how by holidaying here you’re helping to improve our home.

What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism helps to make a positive impact on the environment. Tourism generally has a significant impact on the natural resources of a region, affecting everything from pollution to social systems. Majorca is taking several steps to make sure that the tourists who enjoy this holiday destination can still see the environmental splendor without it having too many negative impacts on the island. This is being achieved through tourism tax.

What is tourism tax?

This is a charge that’s applied to holidaymakers coming to Majorca. The money raised goes to protecting the resources on the islands.

What is being done?

The Sustainable Tourism Promotion Commission (CITS) has approved a list of 70 projects, which will be financed through money raised from sustainable tourism tax in 2017. The Chairman of the Committee, Biel Barceló, hails that this helps them reach their goal of preservation. He states that “we got our goal… [to] compensate for the ecological footprint of tourism and the improvement of the environment”. This is sure to make Majorca a continually beautiful place to spend your holidays!

In Majorca alone, there is 29.7 million euros invested across 27 projects. Protecting and recovering the natural environment is very important to this committee. They want to preserve, modernize and recover the natural, rural, agricultural and marine environment and rehabilitate the agricultural landscape through such methods as replanting trees. With this, the region is truly being cared for.

Here at Club MAC, we are surrounded by the unique nature of Alcudia. The nearby natural attractions, such as S’albufereta and Puig de Sant Martí, are a must for any visitor to our resort. Their beauty makes for great day trips memorable for all the family. With these investments into our island, you and your family can enjoy these wonders for years to come!

How much will tourism tax cost?

The cost of tourism tax to your holiday is almost unnoticeable. Guests staying at Club MAC will be charged 2 euros per night, plus VAT, per every person aged 16 or over. This amount is then halved from the 9th night of your stay onwards. For this low price, you’ll get to enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that the beauty of Majorca will be there to greet you on any return visits. Remember, on your next holiday with us, to take in the natural wonders as you enjoy all that Club MAC and Alcudia has to offer.

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