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Club MAC packing tips

If you’re someone who gets stressed at the very thought of packing for your family holiday, then we have some helpful hints for you!

We know that finding the time to consider exactly what your whole family will need for their stay at Club MAC Alcudia can get the stress levels rising, but worry not. Not only do we have plenty of items on offer for hire, we can help you sort out the ideal capsule wardrobe as well.

Hiring equipment at Club MAC

If you are travelling with small children, babies or people with disabilities then it’s helpful to know that at Club MAC you can hire lots of useful items.

We work with a local company to offer a wide range of kitchen equipment (from microwaves to irons) and accessibility aids (from wheelchairs to crutches). Just let us know at reception, and we’ll be happy to talk you through the extensive range of baby equipment you can hire.

So, don’t worry about fitting in the bottle steriliser or about how you’ll heat up their milk, we have everything covered for you!

Packing light for the family

You don’t want to overload yourself with unnecessary weight when packing for the family. Always bear in mind the airline’s restrictions on luggage, and that you’re likely to add some souvenirs to your kilograms during your holiday.

Before you travel, make sure you know the exact restrictions and work within them. It’s especially important to ensure your carry-on luggage is within the guidelines as you don’t want your emergency supply of wet wipes and nappies to have to go in the hold during the flight.

Make lists

The secret to packing well is making lots of lists. When you’re travelling to Club MAC, you know that all of the essentials like pushchairs, microwaves and cots are accessible, so you just need to cover clothes, toys and toiletries.

Decide whether you will be happy to wash clothes or not while away. If not, then start your lists with enough underwear for every family member. Calculate the number of changes of clothes your family will need, bearing in mind a toddler will need more than a teenager.

Trial pack before you leave

If possible, do a trial run a few days before you leave for the airport. That way you can weigh your bags and ensure you’re within the restrictions. If you’re slightly over, then you can consider alternatives.

If you’re happy to handwash some items during your stay then you can cut down the amount of clothes you need to bring. During your stay, you can use our washing machine and dryer, both costing 3 euros each, or make the most of our ironing room which is free. Buy your shampoo, sunscreen and extras at our on-site shop and hire any bigger items you need.

Follow our tips and you’ll have enough room for some extras from our night time markets on your way home!


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