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Club MAC wellness centre

At Club MAC Alcudia there’s something for everyone. The kids can get stuck into their specially crafted entertainment programme, sports lovers can indulge themselves with every kind of activity and nightlife lovers can join our party. But what about when you just want to chill out and unwind completely, away from the busy areas of the resort?

Well, that’s when you head to our wellness area, which is tucked away by the lakeside. Kid-free and quiet, it’s the perfect antidote to the frenetic activity around the pools and in the sporting areas.

We offer massages, beauty treatments and hairdressing appointments. You do need to book up front so come and see us at reception and we can make sure you pamper yourself at Club MAC. If you’re not quite sure what kind of treatment you’d like, have a look through our services below – these aren’t included in our all-inclusive holiday, so they do incur separate charges. All treatments are delivered by trained and experienced staff, who will be only too happy to add a bit of luxury to your holiday.

Beauty treatments to try

  • After-sun body wrap – this 45-minute treatment will soothe your sun soaked skin, and make sure you remain moisturised and beautiful. Lovely!
  • Exfoliation add on – you can have this with the after-sun body wrap, or for the pre-sun treatment. Guaranteed to get rid of any dead skin and leave you feeling buffed and smooth.
  • Anti-aging facial with collagen and elastane – this specially formulated facial lasts for a blissful 50 minutes and is guaranteed to replenish and renew your skin, no matter how much sun you’ve had.
  • Manicure experience – the optimal holiday treat has to be a gorgeous manicure. Treat yourself to a colour or French manicure and give your hands a holiday too.
  • Pedicure experience – it’s the only time of the year that your toes get an outing! To help them look their best in your summer sandals, complement your manicure with a pedicure.

Massage treatments to enjoy

We offer massages from ten minutes to an hour. Just ask your therapist for the kind of pressure you’re after. Choose from a relaxing and light massage to a deeper muscle busting rub. If you want the whole-body experience, throw in some reflexology to treat your feet. A foot bath and pamper peeling can be added on as well.

If you don’t fancy a body massage, we also offer Indian head massages. Half an hour long, they are perfect for getting rid of any stresses and strains and helping you relax into your holiday.

Prices start from as little as 12 Euros for a short massage to 48 Euros for an hour-long treat. Check the price list outside our wellness centre before booking.


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