S’Albufera Natural Park

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People come to Club MAC Alcudia for many different reasons – whether it’s a chance to relax, to soak up the sun on our beaches or to enjoy our historic town. But did you know that just a few kilometres south of Port d’Alcudia, on the north coast of Majorca, there is also a place that offers a very different kind of experience?

A natural home for wildlife

The centrepiece of the S’Albufera wetlands park is the beautiful natural lake that gives the area its name, which comes from the Arabic word for lagoon. The lake – here at the hotel – is home to a huge amount of wildlife – including many different species of birds, with a number of rare migrants such as Montagu’s Harriers and Eleanora’s Falcons stopping by from time to time.

An unforgettable experience

If you’re not lucky enough to see one of the more unusual visitors to the lake then you will still get to see plenty of fascinating wildlife. It’s home to peregrines and hoopoes, as well as a number of species including stonechats, moustached warblers and long-eared owls who all breed here. Keep an eye out too for the majestic ospreys who visit the lake to fish. It’s not just about the bird life either – there are plenty of mammals and insects to spot as well while you’re visiting – try and see if you can see all eight species of bat that call S’Albufera home!

A safe haven

S’Albufera has been protected since 1985, and today it is an unmissable part of any stay in the area. The park is easy to get around, with a network of paths which are ideal for walking or cycling. It’s also really easy to get to from Club MAC Alcudia – either head south on the Ma-12 by car, or just hop on the 352 bus towards Port de Pollença. Alternatively, hire out bicycles for the day (50 euro deposit) if you fancy some exercise as well as taking in the beautiful Majorcan scenery. If you’re looking for a change of scene from the beach or the old town then S’Albufera is a great day out – find out more here.


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