Five fun-packed things to do in Alcudia in June

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Cycling Holiday Alcudia

At Club MAC Alcudia, we have so much going on at our wonderful resort that you may not feel the need to leave! But we do recommend booking excursions with us or just going and exploring the area while you’re here. It would be a shame not to see everything this beautiful part of Majorca has to offer.

You can hire a car at Club MAC and explore to your heart’s content. There’s plenty to do for all the family. Here are just a few of our favourite things to do in Alcudia in the hot month of June.

Pollensa Catamaran Excursion

The sea is blue, the sky is clear and the sun is shining. How would you like to while away the day sailing around Pollensa Bay on a catamaran? We thought so. It’s a relaxing, decadent, peaceful excursion that will make you feel like you’re truly in paradise. As well as soaking up the sun, you can also snorkel and swim in the warm, still waters.

Dolphin Watching and Sunrise Boat Trip

You can’t come this far and not spend some time watching out for the delightful dolphins that frequent our waters. There are a number of sailing excursions around the Bay of Alcudia, all giving you the time and peace to watch for the dolphins as they jump through the air, framed by the glorious sunset behind them. A truly magical experience.

Visit the Caves of Drach and Porto Cristo

These are the most famous caves in Majorca, and certainly the most beautiful. You can enjoy a sightseeing tour around the caves as well as a trip to Porto Cristo. A different way to spend some time while you’re visiting Alcudia and perfect if you want a small break from the hot sun.

Discover Palma by night

There are various tours you can go on which will take you into Palma and allow to wander around and explore this beautiful city. Palma has a fantastic night time atmosphere, conducive to enjoying a drink and some tapas in one of the many bars. If you’d rather explore on your own, hire a car and take your time learning the wonders of this city.

Go off the beaten track

Taking some time to explore the less touristy areas of Alcudia and Majorca can be a wonderful way to truly experience this stunning island. Find out about the everyday life of those who live here and try the day to day food in the small villages that tourists rarely visit. These include places like Maria de la Salut and the lovely town of Arta. Well worth exploring a bit during your holiday before you return to Club MAC for a night’s entertainment.

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