Helpful tips for check in and out at Club MAC Alcudia

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Macky and Mish Club MAC Alcudia

We love welcoming new visitors to Club MAC Alcudia and our team works hard to make the check in process as simple as possible. We don’t want you wasting any precious moments of your holiday on the boring stuff!

To make it as easy as possible, we’ve come up with a handy guide to checking in at Club MAC, so you can get on with having fun as soon as you get here.

Don’t miss the ticket machine

When you arrive, take a ticket from the machine located near the entrance. Keep your eyes and ears out for your number to be called. It’s best to watch the monitors as sometimes you can miss the announcement if it’s very crowded. Check in has to be carried out for each individual in your group.

 Print out your voucher

When your number is called, you’ll need to bring a print out of your tour operator’s voucher. We can’t accept a screenshot on your mobile phone, so do make sure you have a physical copy of it.

As well as your voucher, we’ll need to see a passport for everyone in your party. If you have them ready up front you’ll get through the process more quickly. You’ll then need to sign on a tablet and, if you’re from the UK, input your postcode, select your address and leave your email.

All-inclusive bracelet

After the formal stuff has been completed, you’ll all get your all-inclusive bracelet. They’re personalised for every guest, so must be applied individually at reception.

Once you have your bracelet, you’ll be asked to pay the local environmental tax, which is 1.1 Euros (including VAT) per adult (aged 16+) per night. You don’t need to pay any for children, and if you’re staying for a while, after the ninth night the tax will be halved.

You’ll then get your keys, our welcome leaflet and lots of information on the resort.

What if you arrive early?

If you turn up early and your room isn’t quite ready, the process is exactly the same apart from the last step. Instead, you’ll be given access to the luggage room and changing facilities as well as your all-inclusive bracelet so you can go ahead and enjoy the facilities straight away.

You’ll be able to dig into the food and drinks, go straight to the water park and enjoy the whole resort complex straight away while we get your room sorted. It’s always good to have a small bag of essentials to help you enjoy your holiday straight away if you do arrive early. Make sure you can easily grab your swimming costumes, towels, flip flops and everything else you’d need.

Checking out of Club MAC

Check out time is 11am. If you want to check out any later, you’ll need to come to reception and confirm with us the day before your departure. Late checkout is possible but is subject to availability. If it’s not possible then you can still enjoy all the facilities, including food, drink, water park, luggage room and changing facilities before you’re ready to leave.

If your flight is in the middle of the night and a late check out not possible we know this can be awkward, particularly for people with small children. We recommend contacting us to book one more night directly if this is the case.

Night time timings

A booked night runs from 14:00 on the first day to 11:00 the next, so keep this in mind when you’re working out arrival times and check in. If you arrive late and miss meals, we don’t offer a discount but you do have free access from the moment you get your all-inclusive bracelet until you leave the site, independent of the room.

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