Club MAC Alcudia’s new Macky pen drive!

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Club MAC Macky USB

Keeping up with the times and new technologies, Club MAC Alcudia has decided to replace our CDs with pen drives. Not just any pen drive, a Macky shaped pen drive! After suggestions from our guests we decided to update our technology – breaking into the age of the future!

Welcome to the new age

Club MAC has decided to update our entertainment CDs and replace them with pen drives. You could previously buy the CD from Club MAC, and you’ll be able to do the same with our new pen drives. The pen drive will be in the shape of Macky, one of Club MAC’s mascots. The pen drives will include the latest songs of the season, and you’ll even be able to add your own songs to them!

The pen drives are a great souvenir for your children to remind them of their holiday here at Club MAC. Since CDs aren’t as popular as they once used to be, we understand that pen drives are much more user friendly – even your kids know how to use them! The pen drives can be bought from our shop, the Guest House Desk (Marte Reception) or after the Mini Disco, and includes some of your favourite hits such as dance classics such as ‘It Burns Burns’ and ‘500 Miles’ and Spanish favourites like ‘Carimbo’ and ‘Veo Veo’. The price for the pen drives will be 14.95€ – a bargain for hours of fun dancing to your favourite tunes!

Back to where it all started!

Macky and Misha are Club MAC’s friendly mascots, and they are two loveable aliens, who spend the day have fun and getting to know your children. They joined the Club MAC family after crash landing from Mars, living by our lake for many years before they were invited to live at Club MAC with the lovely resort staff and our friendly guests. Macky and Misha have a lovely caravan to stay in to make them feel comfortable, they have welcomed guests from all over the world and it’s their aim to make sure you enjoy your stay with Club MAC. They spend time helping the entertainment team run the activities at the MINI Club, as well as helping out with other entertainment activities.

Join Macky and Misha

Join our entertainment team and special friends Macky and Misha for a holiday you won’t forget! With your Macky-shaped pen drive, you can now bring a piece of Club MAC Alcudia back home with you too! For more information on our all-inclusive holidays check out our website for more details. Macky and Misha hope to see you very soon!


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