Introducing our new payment scheme at Club MAC Alcudia

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Pay online

Here at Club MAC Alcudia we aim to make your holiday experience as enjoyable as possible – and that starts right from the moment you book with us! So, we’ve now introduced an even better payment scheme, ensuring your holiday plans run smoothly!

 Enhancing customer service

You can now book your delightful sun-drenched getaway to Club MAC Alcudia directly (by phone, email or chat) via credit card as well as bank transfer. In the past a bank transfer was the only way to pay the deposit when booking direct. But with our new system you can book directly online by credit card as well, so you can choose the payment option that best suits you. Payment on the website remains the same – 10% deposit via credit card only.

Also under our old system, if you wanted to settle the rest of your bill, you were required to do so by bank transfer. You could not use this service if you wanted to pay close to your arrival at the resort, so you had to wait and pay on arrival. This was a bit confusing for some customers and so we’ve been working to fix it, by making the booking experience much more straightforward.

Our new and improved scheme!

So, how does it work now? You can now book your getaway directly with us, and pay via our secure online gateway. You can book directly by contacting us on our online chat feature on our website’s homepage, or by email or phone.

After you’ve made your booking we will send you a confirmation email. Your will also receive a secure link to the gateway to pay. You simply click on the link, which is completely secure and provided by the bank, add your bank details, and you’re done!  Please note that the link is valid for 7 days after receiving it, so make sure you check your email account for it to complete the payment!

The new payment system can be used for old bookings, to pay the remainder of your balance as well as new ones made directly with the hotel. This gives you the chance to pay just your deposit, or your full balance. This means that you can avoid having to bring money to the hotel or to have to make bank transfers to secure your booking. This’ll give you the peace of mind you need to relax whilst knowing your holiday is all paid off!

Plan your next adventure

It’s now even easier, with the roll out of our secure new payment system, to join us this summer at Club MAC to enjoy your Majorcan getaway! Visit our Club MAC Alcudia website for more details about our resort, such as our all-inclusive food and drink and amazing entertainment for all ages, helping you have the best time ever. We hope to see you soon!


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