How To Get Off The Beaten Track In Majorca

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Exploring Majorca at Club MAC Alcudia

Majorca, where Club MAC Alcudia is based, is stunning. With wild beaches such as Es Calo, known for its outstanding views, you may want to head away from tourist areas, to experience Majorca in all its glory. Here are five suggestions which you can use to help you get off the beaten track in Majorca…

Rent a car

At Palma airport you can rent a car easily and cheaply and go off and explore the Island at your leisure, without needing to stick to a tour schedule. There are a number of routes Club Mac recommend, including the road through North East Majorca. Starting from Manacor, you can visit classic Majorcan villages along the way, as well as the Coves dels Hams caves on the east coast.

Talk to locals 

Nobody knows Majorca like the people who live there. Go down into Alcudia, talk to people and see where they suggest you go. You’ll need to think about how to overcome the language barrier. You may want to learn basic words e.g. please and thankyou, in Spanish to communicate. You can also download apps like Google translate on your smartphone, to help you understand what locals are saying.

Go exploring 

Sometimes, you should just throw away the map, wander and see where your feet take you. If you’re not comfortable wandering, remember that Google Maps is a great travel app. You can look up new destinations on Google Maps, see what other tourists think of your destination and explore.

Find a theme

Do you have an interest or hobby? Focusing your holiday around an interest, may mean you are more likely to end up off the beaten track. Let’s say you’re a history enthusiast. You can walk around Alcudia’s old town, which is just a stone’s throw away from our fabulous family resort. While visiting classic old town sites like the C’an Torro Library, you can also experience Alcudia’s great shops, bars, restaurants.

Travel off-peak

It’s harder to experience authentic Majorca in the busy summer months, as the Island attracts a lot of tourists in peak periods. You might want to fly out during quieter months like October. If you stay at Club MAC in October, all our core services run as normal, so you’ll still have a first-rate holiday experience.

Experience Majorca 

It’s easy to get off the beaten track in Majorca, so you can see the Island from a different perspective. If you need some help planning days out, visit Club MAC’s Guest Satisfaction Department, where our dedicated staff can help ensure you have a unique holiday experience.

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