Taking Time Off School To Holiday In Majorca

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Club MAC Holidaying in schools

With the summer holidays now over, you may want to take your kids to fabulous Majorcan family holiday resorts such as Club MAC Alcudia during term time. But you need permission before you can remove your kids from school for the family getaway of a lifetime. Here’s what you need to do…

Getting an education

The UK government explains that you are required to ensure your child (between the ages of five and 16) receives a full time education. If your child misses school, even for a day, you’ll be sent warnings and in the worst cases you could be prosecuted if your child doesn’t get a full time education.

Missing school

So when is it OK for your child to miss school? If your child is too ill to go into school, or their school has given you permission in advance, you can take them out. So you are required to apply for advanced permission, before removing your child from school for a holiday. How can you go about this?

Applying for permission

If you want to go on holiday during term time, you’ll need to get permission from your kid’s head teacher. If they decide to let you take your kid away from school for a fantastic getaway, the head teacher can determine how long your child is allowed to be absent for.

You’ll only receive permission if you apply well in advance, so it’s worth submitting your request straight after booking your Majorcan break. You can only apply for permission if you are the parent that your child primarily lives with. However, your child’s head teacher may give you permission to take them out of school at short notice – but only under exceptional circumstances.

Visit Club MAC Alcudia

Taking your kid out of school during term time is worth the effort! By applying for permission early, you can visit outstanding family resorts such as Club MAC Alcudia, at times that suit your schedule. Based in the scenic port town of Alcudia, on Majorca’s North-Eastern edge, our resort can give you the all-inclusive experience you need to have an amazing, cost effective, getaway.

If you’re thinking of booking now, remember that October is a great time to stay with us, both during term time and the half term holidays. Visit during October and you can enjoy blissful temperatures, great prices, our usual activity programmes for all ages and even our special Halloween celebrations!

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