Five Great Travel Apps to Try in Majorca

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Exploring Majorca at Club MAC Alcudia

Modern technology is changing the way we do holidays. With smartphones, you can now use apps to make your life easier while enjoying a week of fun at Club MAC Alcudia. Here are five great travel apps that you might want to try while holidaying in Majorca in 2016…

Google maps

Finding your way around a new place can be hard. Make it easier by using a navigation tool such as Google Maps. Available for free for Android phones, with Google Maps you can use real-time GPS to navigate the bustling streets of Alcudia, the port town where Club MAC Alcudia is based, with ease. You can even type your start and end destinations into the app and it’ll plot out your journey for you!

XE Currency

When buying souvenirs in Majorca, you’ll want value for money. But how can you keep holiday spending under control, when you’ll be paying in Euros, but you’re used paying in Pounds? Just download XE Currency, which you can get for free for most types of smartphones. This app converts every world currency and saves the last updates conversion rates when you’re online, so you can use it offline as well, so you can always check how much something you buy in Euros costs in Pounds!


Alcudia boasts a range of top notch eateries and bars for you to enjoy. But how should you decide where to go every night? You might want to see what other people have to say about the town’s bars and restaurants, by logging onto the TripAdvisor app. Available for iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows Phones for free, this app will give you access to over 320m reviews from other travellers, so you can determine where to spend your time while enjoying a fabulous getaway in Majorca!

Google Translate

How can you understand people in a foreign country, when they’re speaking another language? Just use the free Google Translate app, which can be downloaded for iPhones and Androids. With this nifty app, you can quickly translate everyday words and phrases you encounter while in Majorca, to make getting around Majorca as easy as possible. You may also want to download Duo Lingo, a free app available for most smartphone models, to learn a few basic words and phrases in Spanish!

Wolfram Sun Exposure

Majorca is a great place to catch a little sun, with average temperatures in Alcudia reaching as high as 26°C in summer. Make sure you can enjoy the sun without getting sunburn by using programmes such as the Wolfram Sun Exposure app, which you can buy for iPhones at just £0.79. All you need to do is enter your skin type into the app the time of day, temperature and strength of sun cream you’re wearing into the app. It’ll tell you how long you can spend in the sun without getting burned!

Get the apps

With these apps, you can navigate your stay in Majorca easily, ensuring you have the peace of mind needed to really appreciate your holiday! If you need to download any apps while you’re actually staying at Club MAC Alcudia, you can get free high speed Wi-Fi in our premium rooms and family suites, or pay just 4€ or 7.50€, to get it for one or two weeks!

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